Yo-Kai Watch 4: a trailer announces its arrival on Nintendo Switch

Level-5, taking advantage of the first day of Tokyo Game Show, has released an announcement that it would like the arrival of the next Yo-Kai Watch 4 …

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Level-5taking advantage of the first day of Tokyo Game Show, has made an announcement that it would like the next one to arrive Yo-Kai Watch 4 on the ibirda console of the Kyoto house. This announcement was followed by a trailer of about one minute (which you can find on the cover of the article).

The saga of which this latter title is part has so far lived only on Nintendo 3DS, because of this Level-5 has decided to go big by showing, among other things, the graphics engine that was used to bring the Yo-Kay and the characters in the title. Furthermore, during the days of the fair, it will be possible to try a preview of the title to touch the work done by the development team (you can find the video off-screen below in the article).

In the video on the cover of the article, however, we can see a series of screenshot that show us the various characters, the settings and, last but not least, the Yo-Kay that we will be able to meet in the game. We inform you that Yo-Kay Watch 4 will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch and will be released towards the end of 2018 in Japan (although the date has not yet been officially announced), while there is no news for the western version.

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