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You can now download the Pixel Launcher optimized for low ranges!

We all know the famous community of developers called XDA-Developersin this community there is an abundance of different help information for many users and many times the famous APK of different applications are even published, in the case of today the APK of the famous launcher of Googlecalled pixellauncher. In this case, the aforementioned launcher is optimized for AndroidGo, which is why it is highly recommended for all users with low ranges, that is, it will not need many RAM resources to have a good performance on your device. Download this Optimized Pixel Launcher, here!

As is known, the pixellauncher is not available in the Play Storeonly the mobile devices of Google. But these were already converted into an APK to be able to be installed on any Android without the need to have “root”, these have been called “Rootless Pixel Launcher” by the members of XDA, creators of the application. As we mentioned before, this APK will be optimized for devices with AndroidGoso if you have 1GB of RAM on your mobile device, it will work great for you.

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In this case the pixellauncher It will have different functions, such as the possibility of changing the shape of the icons, we will have a 4 × 4 desktop grid, the Google Feed panel, the At A Glance widget, among others. What makes the launcher optimized is the deactivation of widget support and notification dots. To be able to download the launcher we will leave you the following link which will redirect you to a page of 4 files, but from these you will have to choose the APK found with the name of Launcher3-l3go-optimized.apk. You can find all the latest information here at SolucionesWindroid!

What is the launcher you use daily on your mobile device?