You can now play Spider-Man: Miles Morales at 60fps and with ray-tracing

In a surprising way, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales received a new update for its version of PS5 earlier today. This new version is not focused on correcting minor errors, but rather introduces a new visual modality, which finally allows us to play at 60fps with ray-tracing activated, but with a couple of sacrifices.

The new mode, known as “RT Performance”, is described as “an alternative version of the 60fps ‘Performance’ mode”. However, to add ray-tracing to this high frame-per-second rate, the “scene resolution, reflection quality and pedestrian density” had to be reduced.

Considering that much of the game we spend in the heights, it is possible that many people who decide to opt for this new mode, do not get to notice the lack of pedestrians in the streets. Undoubtedly, this gives an option to all who want to see Miles Morales experience at 60fps with ray-tracing in a way that doesn’t compromise the core experience as much.

In related topics, the PS5 and DualSense have also received a new update. Similarly, a report indicates that Andrew Garfield and Kristen Dunst will join Spider-Man 3.

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