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  7. Young Royals – Review of the Netflix serial about young Swedish royals

Young Royals – Review of the Netflix serial about young Swedish royals

Young Royals – Review of the Netflix serial about young Swedish royals

Here is our review of Young Royals, a drama that combines purely teen narrative needs with ideas on the weight of a country’s Crown.

Young Royals it reflects – in some way – the production standards of the streaming giant from the big N as regards the original productions of the countries hosting the service. If we consider the fact that the agreements between the parties and the production companies have always tried to satisfy the preferences of the average viewer, from what we see in this title we can say that in Sweden teen dramas are the most popular, second only. to products where the weight of the responsibility of a large inheritance rests on the shoulders of the protagonists. Mixing these two things together, the result is Young Royals, and below is the review of this one short experiment, at times compelling, but very confused in the final form.

A Swedish The Crown?

Reading the basic plot – and partly looking at the premises – the first thing that jumps to mind is that we could find ourselves in front of a show that tries to emulate the noble deeds of another big Netflix production, The Crown: in this case. the series focuses on the young Wilhelm, heir to the Swedish crown, who after a night stunt is sent to the Hillerska boarding school. In fact, the boy is accused of not taking his social position and all that follows seriously. His stunts are frowned upon by the people, and in order to safeguard the name – and therefore the power of the crown – the family must somehow straighten out what is taking a bad turn. The boarding school, with ideally healthier friendships and the rigid discipline that will be imposed, could be a solution, were it not for the fact that in the same boarding school there will be power games, blackmail and envy far more dangerous than a teenage stunt.

However, let’s move away from the comparison proposed with the aforementioned title. Although the premises seem to point the dramaturgical pen on the real consequences of a heir to the high, Young Royals ultimately shows itself for what it is, that is to say a simplistic teen drama that from the first episode turns the spotlight on the discovery of some certainties and dark sides of the young prince. From homosexuality to initiation rites, passing through the support group of the royal family – a dormant cell active in every Swedish public facility – and the active and passive power games deriving from being a royal (with consequent strengths and weaknesses).

An unfiltered hormonal explosion

The idea of ​​immediately revealing the prince’s latent homosexuality card is particularly interesting from the very first episode. In this way it was possible to “play” and use this feature in the most disparate ways, spread over the six episodes of this first season. The structure of the title, in fact, often revolves around this fact, combining the strict need to treat the subject as if it were a secret that discovered could shake public opinion and the difficulty of keeping it as such in a college where everyone wants to know everything, between power games, social media and the press.

We are faced with a writing that is clear and all too simple, and where the real problems are shown already in the second episode which – as often happens in Netflix productions – are to be found in the general structure of the product. If followed casually, Young Royal’s vision can benefit from being a light show and pleasant to absorb and metabolize. The problem arises, however, in the management of narrative times and the characters that are presented to us. They all have a face and a respective facade, but very often we do not have theses that prove their real being. A few examples: if those who do not have the money blackmail the prince to solve their economic problems, before the arrival of the royal, how could he pay the tuition? Not to mention the girl who goes to the prestigious boarding school and hates her “poor” family, apparently ignoring her own economic status (the same as the family being a dependent daughter). This situation will lead her to utter certain jokes “out of context”, net of her statements to her relatives.

In short, it appears clear that the main focus is all on the prince, his royal duties – at the turning point some important events will happen that will raise the attention much more than before – while all the other supporting actors are sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity. It is also true that, in just six episodes, even the same purpose as a teen drama fails, not telling anything original compared to what has not already been seen by other serials of the same category. However, we are not talking about a completely negative title. Focusing, in fact, on the relationships within the college, the series definitely aims to create a fandom apart from the title that can grow on the internet, between ship and couple tenderness. In short, as you could see from our review, at present Young Royals does not tell anything new. He has some good cards and plays them immediately, but the attention becomes feeble bet after bet.