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Zarvot – Review of the cubic shooter for Nintendo Switch

Zarvot – Review of the cubic shooter for Nintendo Switch

In the first half of October, a strange and original title for the hybrid console of the big N was released on the Nintendo e-Shop, …

In the first half of October he was released, on the Nintendo e-Shopa strange and original title for the hybrid console of the big N, that is Zarvot. The game presents itself as a shooter in which the main characters are nothing but cubes that shoot laser beams. It is important to underline that the title is present only in digital version and only in English.


The story of the game takes us to a world entirely inhabited by animated objects, animals and above all cubes, in which the player will follow the events of Charcoal And Mustarde, two (in fact) cubes. The two geometric shapes will be engaged throughout the duration of the plot to recover some objects, which were part of the birthday gift of another named cube Red.

In the story the player will also learn to know these cubes, to understand what are the bonds between them, cultivated between friendship, hope, dreams and expectations. All surrounded by truly realistic and suggestive settings and enemies that will become more and more difficult as we continue in the story.


There are three modes that can be played during the sessions: the mode Historythe mode Arcade and the mode Versus. In particular, the first and second mentioned are linked to each other, as without starting the story it will not be possible to have scenarios available to play the Arcade Mode

Leaving aside the story mode, which certainly does not need explanations, we see the remaining two. In Arcade Mode players will have different scenarios available where the main purpose will be to survive different waves of enemies, which will bring more and more challenging challenges as you progress with the gameplay.

While with regard to the Versus Modethis presents different types of selectable challenges (Minigames) that players will be able to face by fighting against each other to get the better of them. The clashes can be played in two (1v1) or in 4 (2v2).


The title features a graphic sector truly excellent, meticulously cared for and detailed. Surprisingly, the presence of such simplistic characters as cubes is absolutely not an element that clashes within everything that is the context, on the contrary it binds perfectly to the settings.

However, the game is not without its problems; in fact in the course of history a problem of rendering dialogue that makes some words difficult to read or, in some cases, completely obscured. Also in the title there is also some problem of frame rate (surely caused by a carelessness in the optimization of the game).

Speaking instead of the replayability of the title, this is not given by the story mode, but by the other two game modes mentioned above. The title in fact, thanks to the modalities Versus And Arcade, it is extremely replayable and even fun if you play with a few friends.

As for the soundtrack of the title, this (unfortunately) turns out to be particularly monotonous in the audio tracks, which in some cases turn out to be even unsuitable for the scenarios to which they are linked. Otherwise, the audio effects overall they are well made and give a good idea of ​​the attacks and what you see on the screen during the sessions.


The game looks like a particular shooter that is very original and different from the classics, with a light plot capable of entertaining the players thanks to different situations and dialogues that make everything more enjoyable, but at the same time focused on important topics such as friendship, hope, expectation and tenacity.

If the game is sometimes monotonous and, in the long run, boring, it nevertheless offers very high replayability thanks to the other two modes available in addition to the story. The graphics of the title are well taken care of, even if they are not enough to hide the obvious problems of frame rate And rendering.

This is a fun title to play alone (in Arcade) if you like challenges, it’s nice to play with friends (in Versus) if you want to spend some time in 1v1 or 2v2 challenges. In short, the game has great potential, although there are some aspects that, unfortunately, leave a lot to be desired.