Zona Connect, the app that connects blind people in public places

Zona Connect is a project that implements the use of technology in favor of people with visual disabilities in the country.

With beacons, devices that allow the connection between two or more people through bluetooth, the Colombian company Connection Marketing will bring the concept of connectivity closer to the country and the main beneficiaries will be the blind.

This is Zona Connect, a project that implements in the country the use of technology in favor of people with visual disabilities and that is already in some shopping centers in Bogotá, Girardot and Villavicencio.

Jairo Ayala, General Manager of Connection Marketing, explained in the BLU Radio Cloud the details of the app and its operation.

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“What the application does is connect with beacons through bluetooth and allows people with visual disabilities to have a signal and connect with each other,” he said.

Zona Connect allows effectiveness with small devices, beacons, located in open or closed spaces, equivalent to low consumption microcontrollers, that are responsible for transmitting messages to the mobile phones and tablets of users who download the application, says a company statement.

Ayala added that the application can be downloaded from any Android and iOS device completely free.

In addition, He maintained that to enjoy this App you do not need an internet connection and that the information received by the user is in real time.

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