Kirk Douglasthe veteran actor, at 84 years old, answers a questionnaire asked in the magazine What I know. These are their answers. (I had discovered it in my email inbox.…
“The recording industry could be about to wave the white flag at the feet of Apple boss Steve Jobs and abandon its intention for iTunes charge different prices depending on…
When it comes to exploring multiple images, a clean and beautiful slideshow is the way to go. Enhance the visual pleasure of your favorite memories and create fun moments with…
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is coming to PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store) on August 7. A new trailer touts the game’s ultra-widescreen support, unlocked framerates, dynamic foliage,…
Although end users should not be responsible for this, Namecheap has announced, as we read in The Verge, that service to Russian customers has been terminated specifically because of their…

Confessions of Old Kirk

Kirk Douglasthe veteran actor, at 84 years old, answers a questionnaire asked in the magazine What I know. These are their answers. (I had discovered it in my email inbox. Now I just recovered it from one of the lost pages of SamaGame. It is signed by Cisne). I know that my children did not […]

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Use JobandTalent to find jobs and workers

We are living in times when it is very difficult to find employment, so it does not hurt to have a tool that helps find job offers. JobandTalent belongs to this group, although there are some others. On their website they offer all the necessary tools to locate job offers and qualified courses, as indicated […]

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Micro-reflections of April (I)

Regarding BootCamp… who will be the first to (again) say that Apple is no longer just a software manufacturer? I suppose everyone is already convinced that Apple has a truly persistent interest in continuing to sell machines (irons, if you want the “industrial” definition), in selling as many as possible, and in providing as many […]

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TSMC stops distributing chips to Russia

Russia is being rejected due to the attack on Ukraine. We have recently learned, and with very little notice, that The 2022 MWC organization had decided to eliminate its government-owned stand. In addition to the sanctions imposed by the different organizations, we see in Digitimes Asia that TSMC has stopped supplying chips to the country. […]

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The human body, a complex machine

As living beings, we depend on our human body for everything. Although the human being’s capacity for wonder seems to be decreasing, we still sometimes look with admiration at a modern computer or one of those powerful rockets capable of locating a spaceship thousands of kilometers away, without realizing that our own body is, without […]

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The cousin of the new iBook?

According to some reports, the manufacturer Asustek will be in charge of manufacturing the new MacBook with an Intel processor and a 13.3-inch screen. Some readers have even found a model on the Asustek site, a 13.3-inch model (W6F) on which the new MacBook could be based. According to the specifications of said model, it […]

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Home security: surveillance cameras

Almost every day we leave our houses and we don’t know if one day someone might come in and want to steal our belongings. Which would place our loved ones, children, parents, grandparents in danger. That is why it is necessary to know the best recommended surveillance cameras on the market for the security of […]

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GUNNAR Cupertino Onyx + Clear Pro Review

Like the other senses, sight is quite essential and we must give it the best quality possible. For this, GUNNAR Optiks has launched Cupertino glasses, modular lenses that allow us to change lenses to our liking and in a fairly easy way. These lenses have a top-quality acetate frame, the lenses adhere using a magnetic […]

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