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1932/2007 Ford 75th Anniversary Steel Bodied Deuce for sale

Presented by a private seller.

1932 Ford Dearborn Deuce 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Very Rare Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Edition “Signature Series” Dearborn Deuce. This 1932 was officially licensed by Ford Motor Company to celebrate the diamond anniversary of the “Deuce.” Final paint and assembly was awarded to Saleen Inc. of Troy Michigan, the same company and facility that assembled the 4,500 world-class Ford GT supercars produced between 2004 and 2006. These 32 received the same detail and intense finish as they applied. to all Ford GTs. Only the best components and assemblies. A true work of art.

342 RE Cubic Inch Roush Performance “Boss Stoker” V8 / Accel Digital Fuel Injection / 450 HP Bowler 4-Speed ​​Automatic Transmission / Ford 9-Inch Rear Axle / Positive Traction Differential / BonSpeed ​​Custom 3.89-18-Speed ​​Single and 20-inch Wheels/Wilwood 4-Wheel Power Disc Brakes Custom Detroit Street Rods Chassis/Pete & Jakes Components/4-Bar Triangle Rear Suspension All-Steel Dearborn Deuce Body/Haartz Cloth Integrated Folding Ultra-Leather Interior with Custom Logo 75th Anniversary/Vintage HVAC Cheri Pie Red and 8-Ball Black High Bake Urethane Paint by BASF Built by Detroit Street Rods in conjunction with FMC/Saleen in 2007 for the 75th Anniversary. Ford initially allowed 100 cars to be built, but due to the economic downturn, only 75th Anniversary Limited Deuces Dearborn (1 of 11) Edsel Ford II Signature Series Deuces were produced. The sale includes a car window decal, a Dupont Registry Publishers Choice news article, and supporting literature.

If you’re like most gearheads, you remember the days when modifying your Hot Rod meant taking out extra parts, cutting some metal, and hammering in some new curves. Over time, the backyard hobby has become a hyper-competitive, multi-billion dollar industry. Nowadays, unless you have deep pockets and a decade of time, it takes a serious plan and highly skilled craftsmen to compete with the best street rods in the world. And when it comes to planning and craftsmanship, it doesn’t get much better than this All Steel Dearborn Deuce. This sleek little roadster is a world-class custom that will meet your needs more cheaply and quickly than a long build. With names like Dearborn Deuce, Roush, Bowler, Detroit Street Rods, Pete & Jakes and BonSpeed ​​on its spec sheet, this Ford-sanctioned creation will outlast and outlast anything on the road.


When building a top-notch show, you need to start with a great foundation. In the world of modern Street Rodding, it doesn’t get much better than 850 pounds of Dearborn Deuce Sheetmetal. Every Dearborn Deuce is stamped and sealed by the same Detroit entities that supply major OEM automakers. This level of precision results in an authentic custom that preserves all original lines, functional parts and structural integrity. The Deuce’s stunning body flaunts smooth vertical panels and an arrow-straight profile that is worth seeing and celebrating. It wears a smooth E-Coat primer beneath BASF’s high-bake urethane that reflects a distinctive combination of Cheri Pie Red and 8-Ball Black. All of these custom Hi-Boys were delivered by official Ford Racing Performance and Ford Motor Company dealers. Since the cars were extremely well made, it’s easy to see how they fit perfectly into Ford’s overall vision of attractive, customer-specific mobility. At the front of the Deuce are color-matched surround speakers hooking a polished spacer bar, H4 headlights, a custom stainless steel grille, and a Ford Steel “Ford” branded grille housing. Behind that shell is a three-piece hood that leads to a stainless-steel-trimmed windshield anchored between traditional door mirrors and small windshield wipers. An OEM style Haartz fabric fitted top that perfectly matches the car’s smooth top. Stylish LED teardrops illuminate the custom polished exhaust tips. A polished rear sway bar and body-matched fuel tank complete the rear of this Deuce.


In typical Hot Rod style, you’ll find eight hot cylinders of All American muscle. A Roush Performance 342RE cubic inch “Boss Stroker” V8 that converts 450 horsepower into 415 ft/lbs of torque. Built from the ground up as your ticket to killer acceleration and speed. The heavy-duty mill sips a constant stream of fuel through an optional Accel digital fuel injection system over an aluminum inlet of a Roush Cobra Jet air cleaner. An Accel distributor shoots sparks around the aluminum Roush heads to through woven 9mm Roush spark plug wires. These headers float between polished Ford Racing breathers, Ford Racing valve covers, and full-length Technosport stainless steel headers. An MSD Blaster 2 coil and front coil system spin a polished alternator in front of the AC compressor. An Auto Rad aluminum radiator and large electric fan attached to a custom shroud handle cooling duties. The stainless steel fuel lines, braided coolant lines, and tip gauge are functional.


A 4-speed AODE Bowler spins the power to a heavy-duty Dynotech driveshaft. A Ford 9-inch equipped with a positive drive differential and 3:89 gears. This axle rolls on a 4-link wishbone suspension, damped by adjustable QA 1 coil springs with chrome springs and powder-coated shock absorbers. Front suspension is a 4-inch forged and drilled I-beam between PRO Chrome shocks and chrome radial fork rods. A custom Detroit Street Rod chassis floats the 32 that is primed with E-Coat and baked with urethane paint. Braking is provided by polished Wilwood 4-piston calipers, a floor-mounted booster, and a stainless steel braided brake line. 11-inch drilled and slotted rotors. Unique, custom Bonspeed blades turn 245/45R18 Goodyear Eagles RS-AS and 285/R40R20 Goodyear Eagle RS-AS. A high-octane soundtrack is provided by a deep glass pack-style muffler with large mandrel-bent pipes. A deep sump oil pan, quality fuel components from Earl, a snappy Powermaster starter and proven Pete & Jakes round out the trim components. The Optima Red top turns the steering wheel for quick starts.


Inside this stunning “Class” roadster is the spectacular Red And Black Ultraleather name set creating a fun and stylish look that complements the two-tone paint. Open the doors and you’ll find a fully adjustable bench seat that’s stylish, functional, and heated. Power windows, a Lokar shifter cut into the floor in front of a polished e-brake and billet pedals. At the front of the mat is a framed and welded instrument panel that centers classic instrument telemetry with the 75th Anniversary logo between an Edsel Ford II signature plaque and vintage Air Climate system controls. Ahead of the driver is a polished Banjo-style steering wheel that spins a leather-wrapped rim around a painted tilt column. And behind the passengers is a fully padded trunk that offers a bit of Ultraleather-lined utility.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. One sold at Barrett-Jackson for $330,000.00. Titled 1932 Ford Roadster in the state of Nevada. Purchase this masterpiece for $189,995.00. Life is too short to not have a smile on your face and snuggle in your hair.

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