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2,180 places in State Organizations. Applications only until February 26. Get ready

Selective processes have been called to fill 2,180 vacancies (destinations throughout Spain) in the State Administration.

The deadline for applications to participate ends on February 26 (non-extendable). We highlight:

  • 400 places for Administrative Assistants (Minimum qualification: ESO Graduate). Program of 27 topics and 2 exams:
    – Test of 60 questions (30 on 15 topics of the program + 30 of Psychotechnics) and test of 30 questions (on 12 topics).
    – Office practice test
  • 800 places for Administrative Officers (Minimum Bachelor’s Degree). Program of 38 topics and 2 exams:
    – Test with 60 questions (on 38 topics) and practical course with 20 test questions (on 28 of the topics).
    – Office automation practical test
  • 350 places for Assistant Computer Technicians: (Minimum Bachelor’s degree). The syllabus consists of 36 topics and there are two exams:
    – Test of 100 questions (on the 36 topics).
    – Practical case of 30 test questions (to choose between two proposed ones, on 20 topics).
  • 430 State Management places (Minimum Degree Qualification). Program of 67 topics and 3 exams:
    – Test with 100 questions (on the 67 topics).
    – Written development of a questionnaire with 15 questions (on 34 topics and may include assumptions).
    – Written practical case (on the other 33 topics of the Program).

The first exercise of these oppositions would take place within a period of four months, so you have to study very seriously. Passing is a long-distance race and if you don’t achieve the goal this time you advance a lot for the next call and you gain the experience of going to the exam. The State Administration is quite regular in publishing job offers and In the coming months there will be a new OEP 2018. Currently, 65% of its staff is 50 or older and more than 28,000 of its officials are close to retirement, so many positions are also expected.

Prepare yourself with updated books and adjusted to the topic programs because there are changes compared to previous calls. In Administrative, the program is totally new (there has been no call since 1992). At ADAMS they have syllabus books, questionnaires and practical cases adjusted to the official programs.

It is advisable to rely on serious preparation centers (be careful if you commit to paying, or financing a large amount), with experience and demonstrable results. If you attend classes at ADAMS you will pay month by month and without tuition; In addition, they help you choose the opposition that interests you the most based on the time you can dedicate, the position you would like, tests, program of topics and expectations and frequency of calls.

In ADAMS Training They can help you (success always depends on you) with their books. With face-to-face classes 1 or 2 days a week + internet access with exams, evaluation and continuous self-assessment, game of questions about challenges and battles, simulations… With Online course and the support and monitoring of tutors and multiple services that will facilitate your preparation.

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