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5 things to do first in Diablo Immortal

The time has come again to stop evil, and if you choose the path of Neplahem, you will once again face an overwhelming horde of demons who will do everything in their power to stop you. As the first Diablo game to feature MMO elements and play for free, there are definitely some changes and mechanics that players will have to get used to in Diablo Immortal. These are the top five things you need to do first in Diablo Immortal to start your adventure effectively.

Choose the right class

5 things to do first in Diablo Immortal

This should be familiar to anyone who’s played a Diablo game before, and choosing a class will determine the different ways you approach combat. However, for Diablo Immortal, the caveat is that there is no longer a shared stash, so items cannot be transferred between characters, and the same goes for Battle rewards, passes that only benefit one character.

Make sure you choose the right class for you, whether it’s a melee class or one that excels at ranged. For those who prefer to deal a lot of damage to a single target, Demon Hunter and Necromancer would be great options. Support types should go for Crusader and Monk, who are also capable of dealing decent AoE damage, while Barbarian and Sorcerer are great for controlling crowds and destroying them. Your play style is important, so choose carefully.

Enable automatic withdrawal

5 things to do first in Diablo Immortal

With a lot of loot dropping from dead demons, you definitely won’t want to spend extra time trying to collect them one by one. Head to the game settings as soon as possible, enable automatic item pickup if it’s not already enabled, and make sure it covers all rarity levels, at least initially. This way, you will always have better equipment and the rest will be available to check for updates in the near future.

Enter your rewards

5 things to do first in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal may have microtransactions, but it also entices players to play even if you don’t plan to spend a dime. Regular sessions will earn you the many daily rewards that are awarded. Don’t forget to check the rewards section when you log into the game every day and come back before logging out. Lost rewards cannot be claimed once the deadline has passed, so you have been warned.

Get prepared

5 things to do first in Diablo Immortal

When you start to bite into Diablo Immortal, it’s important not to get into the details of stats and wins. You should always have fun and equip the best equipment you can find whenever possible. The easiest way to do this is to look at your inventory, find the equipment with green arrows pointing up, and change it accordingly.

This will allow you to stay powered up most of the time for new challenges ahead, and you can drop anything that’s useless as upgrade gear.

story first

5 things to do first in Diablo Immortal

With useful gear at your side and a class that suits your playstyle, it’s time to defend yourself against the forces of evil in Hell. Following the main story of Diablo Immortal will be fine for most players and will allow you to reach a certain level and power. Once you find yourself stuck somewhere and need some grinding, branch out.

Instead of constantly killing respawning monsters, try something new. There are Battle Pass objectives to complete, dungeons to clear, rewards to claim, side quests to do, and even optional hidden lairs that can grant additional XP. Make sure you do all of this when you can and reduce the heavy lifting.

And those are the important things you need to do first in Diablo Immortal to have the best start in this new game. Be sure to check out emagtrends for even more helpful guides and enjoy your time fighting the forces of evil in Diablo Immortal.

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