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A bug in the GPSD system for GPS would cause problems in unpatched systems on October 24

As we can read in PCPer, it seems that There is a bug in the GPSD system which will mean that on October 24 of this year all those systems that rely on GPSD to maintain the device date and are not patched, could suffer the same effects as most GPS devices in 2038.

Time in the GPS system is stored in a 10-bit unsigned variable, which means that can only count from 0 to 1023a value that indicates the number of weeks that have passed since January 5, 1980. When it reaches 1023, the next value will be 0 again, sending all devices to 1980something that will affect the accuracy of the location and, therefore, will cause us to not be able to trust the location data displayed.

The bug that has been discovered will cause exactly the same effect on October 24, which is why Applications such as Kismet or GPSDrive will be affected, as well as possibly older GPS navigators that are no longer supported.

In any case, after October 24, it will be important to check that our GPS devices work correctly before trusting them, especially if they do not have recent firmware updates.

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