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Amazon targets AFK abusers to allow more players to join servers

New World has been a success despite the problems it has caused and apparently it continues to provoke some RTX 3090, and as part of this success, Amazon has seen practically all game servers completely full. However, as part of this number of people, There are also users who are simply AFK.

AFK is an abbreviation of Anglicism Away From Keyboard, and the problem currently lies in the fact that users, to avoid having to wait in queues of several hours, avoid disconnecting from the game under any circumstances. They do this even bypassing AFK user detectionso we find that many New World users simply They are people who are not close to the computer.

Amazon wants to reduce the number of AFK users so that users can more easily access game servers –although many users believe that the best option would be to actually increase the capacity of the servers themselves, something that should not be complicated for Amazon—since currently waiting lines can reach several hours.

Additionally, Amazon has announced a new game server status page so that we can check the status of the service in general at all times.

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