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Apps to edit photos on iOS and improve your Instagram

It’s the age of Instagram and no one can say otherwise. That’s why if you don’t have these apps to edit photos on iOS and improve your Instagram (in case your mobile is an iPhone), you are seriously missing out.

Apps to edit photos on iOS and improve your Instagram

This is what you need in your arsenal. Let’s see those apps to edit photos on iOS and improve your Instagram.


Snapseed offers you some great features to take your photos to the next level. Thanks to them you get:

Exposure, color and sharpness adjustments. Crop, rotate, straighten and correct perspective of photos. Besides, selective adjustments and a healing tool. Black and white, vintage and texture filters to add some sparkle. Portrait enhancement, lens blur and vignette (best features). Double exposure, frames and text to customize it.


VSCO is also an amazing app that is very easy to use. The features it offers are:

  • One-touch preset filters create the look of a classic film for a vintage vibe
  • Adjustable filter strength for uniqueness
  • Over 200 filters to choose from
  • Editing tools to adjust exposure, color and sharpness
  • Filters and editing tools also applicable to videos.


This application It is the best for removing unwanted objects from your photos. We all know we need it from time to time. You can choose between:

Remove unwanted objects for a cleaner composition, brush and lasso tools to give you precise selection of objects, remove dust spots, wires, people and other objects for photo editing, you can remove blemishes and smooth wrinkles in photographs of portraits, duplicate objects using the clone tool to erase the background.


Picsart has different subscription offers to make your photos amazing. With the Gold subscription, you can get unlimited access to premium filters. There are also stickers, backgrounds and more to create whatever you want.


As the name suggests, this is the best app for Create stunning black and white photos. Available features:

  • 58 one-touch black and white filters
  • Adjustable filter forces
  • Textures to create vintage style photos
  • Light leaks and bokeh effects.
  • Subtle and artistic color effects.
  • Editing tools to adjust light and color.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is known for its amazing photo editing services. These are the features they offer:

  • Powerful set of editing tools within a simple user interface
  • One-touch presets for quick edits
  • Selective adjustment tools for advanced editing
  • Healing tool to remove unwanted objects


Afterlight is best for multipurpose editing to make your photos the best. Here’s what you can do with this app: Exposure, color and sharpness adjustments, advanced tools like curves, selective color, gradients and blending modes, dust and light leak overlays, filter presets by well-known mobile photographers, double-tap tool exposure to blend images and layers tool to add text and illustrations.

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