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Aqua Computer launches a flexible rubber protector to apply thermal paste on the new AMD Ryzen 7000 Series

It seems that the concern when it comes to apply thermal paste on AM5 processors It’s not just a matter of Noctuawho already presented us with their solution to protect the processors with this socket and thus avoid that thermal paste enters its holes. The manufacturer Aqua Computer, specialized in liquid cooling for PCs, has also designed a similar device to protect these new Ryzen 7000 Series that have been launched and those that are yet to arrive.

This sealing frame, unlike the solution presented by Noctua, It is flexible rubber, so it makes installation much easier. Its shape coincides with the cutouts that these new CPUs present with Socket AM5covering them and protecting them when applying thermal paste so that it does not enter through the openings, making it very difficult to clean in this area.

Its application is very simple, just lift the socket protector to place it on this cover, so that When you download it, it is automatically fixed in the processor. Being a flexible rubber solution, this is very easy to clean, so it allows its use on multiple occasions. Don’t be fooled by this type of material either, since resists high temperatures without problem that the processor can reach.

Its price is only 6.90 euros and sold from their website or brand sellers.

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