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Attack on Titan 2: SamaGame analysis of the new Attack on Titan game

On the occasion of the new free update released for Attack on Titan 2, in recent days, as promised in the review, we finally tested the various SamaGame modes offered by the Koei Giants Tecmo Games and Omega Force. This umpteenth test has shown that, where the original AOT Wings of Freedom only offered a series of quite repetitive missions and also affected by an irritating difficulty clearly calibrated downwards, the online sector of its sequel instead presents some quite exquisite new features and in theme with the brand, capable of prolonging the already good longevity of the product. Therefore, all the characteristics of the first episode return, plus some found to make up for one of its main defects: the impossibility of controlling the Giants, except in sporadic junctures of the plot.

Massive Attack

As anticipated in our introduction (and, before, in the review published just a few weeks ago on the pages of Everyeye.it), attack on titan 2 It offers a SamaGame campaign that is much broader and more varied than that proposed by its predecessor, which at the time received many comments, including quite negative ones. The roll, in this case, has been duly corrected, but before examining all the new modes devised by the Omega Force team, let’s first review the options already present in the very first AOT.
By selecting the online game in the so-called Alternative Mode (unlockable by continuing in the story), the user has immediate access to a small HUB which, in addition to showing all the NPCs necessary to improve the equipment, proposes the reconnaissance missions to carry out. in the company of friends or even complete strangers. In this finally rebalanced and now quite challenging mode, up to four players can join forces to complete special tasks and find particularly rare materials, essential for crafting the best and most coveted equipment.
This time, however, users even have the option of playing Story’s proposed missions together, as the new SOS feature means that other players, if necessary, can join ongoing sessions and change the course of a mission. which would otherwise be too difficult. perhaps to get the “S” score and the generous prizes that follow.
However, the real innovations proposed by the package are the methods Annihilation my Predatorwhose objectives are completely opposite. Available since the launch of Attack on Titan 2 but still little practiced today, the first of the aforementioned options sees eight different participants divided into two teams of four elements each and compete for the points obtained by killing all the Giants. . Unlike normal missions, where the objective is precisely the elimination of the voracious creatures born from sensei Isayama’s pencils, Annihilation It assigns precious points for each felled giant, especially rewarding the amputation of limbs, haste and chains made by the players. Consequently, the victory, at the end of the time limit, is attributed to the team that brought home the most points.

To vary the battle tactics and introduce that pinch of strategy that never hurts, this mode presents specific and exclusive items, such as the shield, the basic destruction projectiles, devastating if used to demolish enemy camps, the effective stun shots, which for several seconds completely block the movements of the other team, and finally the paint bullets, which confuse the unfortunate ones and radically alter the mapping of the commands of each component of the rival formation. Of all of them, however, the most interesting and perhaps necessary way is the one added through the update now available on all the platforms on which the title was distributed. Call Predator, this is also based on competition between users, who for once must take the role of captured Giants (each with different parameters and special abilities) and devastate the scenarios in search of poor human beings to devour. By gobbling up citizens and destroying structures, players earn an avalanche of points, which vary depending on the objective and the time available, while trying to pay close attention to the various obstacles placed on the map.
Simple and banal at first glance, the modality Predator hides traps that should not be underestimated: the various stages are full of changing giants always ready to eliminate the titans controlled by the challengers and significantly reduce the accumulated score; Added to these is the very skilled and ruthless Captain Levi, who from time to time personally intervenes to kill the player with the advantage and reopen the game. Once in the hunter’s sights, the user can either await the promised inexorable death within thirty seconds of the encounter, or attempt to divert the soldier’s attention by attacking another Giant and condemn him to losing points from him.

While reconnaissance missions remain too repetitive and generally useless, methods Predator my Annihilationwhich offer much lighter tones than those that characterize the narrative, have captured our attention with their unpredictability, proving to be very frenetic and fun.
Everything is then embellished by an almost impeccable netcode, which only on rare occasions, when the map is invaded by eight players and a multitude of opponents, has stopped the slaughter of the beasts, with a slight lag and some unfortunate disconnections. The only real defect of the SamaGame sector is therefore represented by the small but dispersive online HUB, which forces the player to continually move from one end to the other to access the various modes proposed. In short, don’t delay any longer: the giant hunting season has just begun.

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