Fedora comes to PowerPC

The new Fedora Core 4 version will incorporate, among many other things, support for PowerPC processors. Currently Fedora is available in two versions, one for 32-bit processors (x86 processors) such as Intel’s Pentium and another for 64-bit processors (x86 processors) such as AMD’s Opteron. Red Hat is planning to release another version for PowerPC processors […]

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PowerSchool Premier includes new database options

Apple’s Powerschool division has announced the availability of “PowerSchool Premier”, which among the improvements highlights support for relational databases in SQL PowerSchool SIS is a Web-based educational management system, compatible with Mac and Widows, to easily and economically manage the different student records and thus improve their school performance. “Student information systems are transforming administrative […]

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Think Different. Picasso. 1998.

The Think Different campaign that Apple launched had various ramifications using the geniuses who made up the main ad. This advertisement, using the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, initiator of cubism and one of the greatest exponents of modern Spanish painting, portrays him in all his genius, painting in one go a female figure (image of […]

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Avid Increases Presence at 2005 Sundance Film Festival

The company engaged independent filmmakers through technology forums, hands-on training sessions, sponsored events, roundtables and viewings. Madrid, February 7, 2005. During the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, Avid organized technological forums, training sessions, workshops, film viewings and training activities. The Sundance Film Festival was held from January 20 to 30 in Park City (Utah, USA) and […]

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Microsoft continues its aggressive update strategy for Windows 7 and 8.1 systems

It is quite difficult to block the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 on the operating system running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Although it should be as easy as clicking a “no” button, Microsoft’s aggressive update strategy is anything but customer-friendly. Even if you forget to apply updates on some systems, which Microsoft said […]

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MicroMachines – Cheats

Codes to use with the GBA Code Breaker: Enable codes 000063FA 000A 10000868 0007 Infinite lives 32000352 0009 Unlock all 3200034D 001F Invincibility 83001828 0140 Speed ​​Upgrade 830018C4 01F4 Unlockable Bird’s Eye Collect the three hidden stars in the Perilous Places race Color Tint Collect three hidden stars in the Hoedown race Concept Art Collect […]

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Get the best prices on Amazon today: Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Lite box for 101.90, TWS headphones, gamepads and more

We leave you to Today January 23, 2024 a compilation of offers on Amazon of computer and technology products. Only products from quality and top brands They have lowered their price to offer a discount. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are interested in any of these products. Today we have a case for your […]

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WeChat: version 6 for iOS arrives

WeChat announced the availability of the new one version 6 for iOS devices of its messaging platform. Among the most important new features is the View function, useful for making instant videos. With Viewusers can record a quick 6-second clip and immediately send it to their friends in chat, or post it to Moments. To […]

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