WhatsApp will allow you to hide the connection status in future versions of the app

WhatsApp keep incorporating new functionsnow related to the privacy. WhatsApp will include in future beta versions the possibility of hide your connection status in the versions available for iOS, Android or Desktop. This is one of the options most requested by users over several years that the messaging application owned by Meta has been with […]

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What is Microsoft Windows? definition and meaning

Microsoft Windows is the generic name for the family’s various operating systems, including CE, 98, Millennium Edition (ME), 2000, and XP, which are designed to run on Intel hardware. With the development of a significant number of 32-bit Windows applications, Windows has become the extremely dominant operating system for desktop systems worldwide; its market share […]

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Yakuza 4 for PS4, the review

There Yakuza 4 review it is particularly interesting for the historical value that this episode had at its debut, in 2010 and a year later here. In fact, we are talking about the first chapter of the series SAW equipped with a structure and direction similar to the latest releases, characterized therefore by a feeling […]

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Tangle Tower, the review

There really is something for all tastes on Apple Arcade, as this one of us testifies Tangle Tower review: let’s talk about agraphic adventure of an investigative nature as you don’t often see, both because it is part of a niche genre and because it has certainly unconventional characteristics for the mobile sector. This despite […]

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It’s 8 am in New York and 5 am in San Francisco. Here is the latest information on the global protests.

Two weeks after George Floyd’s death, President Donald Trump’s advisers worked to prepare him to face the national moment. Some shared their own stories or experiences with racism with him, encouraging Trump to be more empathetic. A group of White House officials gleaned ideas for criminal justice reform from police reforms and offered the president […]

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Firefox 1.5 Beta

The Mozilla foundation has released Beta 1 of version 1.5 of Firefox, which includes numerous new improvements, although at the moment it is only available in English. New features include: faster browsing, automatic updates, new drag & drop option for reordering tabs, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), new improved support for Mac OS X users, Greater […]

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