Samsung 870 QVO 2TB, the review

There Samsung 870 QVO 2TB review takes us to the field of SSD units with SATA III interface which seek a balance between price, performance, security and capacity, doubled compared to the previous series with the top model reaching 8TB of space, aiming to give the boost to the mechanical disks which, from a performance […]

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Outlook 2016: Disable Autodiscover Redirect Warning

You may see a message appear in Microsoft Outlook 2016 that says something similar to: Outlook has been redirected to the server to get new settings for your account. Do you want to allow this server to configure its settings? Click Allow only if you fully trust the source or if your Exchange […]

1 min read

Risk of Rain 2: the review

A Risk of Rain 2 review, which arrived at version 1.0 a few days ago, can only be the story of the effort and pleasure felt in unlocking dozens of objects, but also of the awareness of how the gameplay itself can never look too high. The narrative plot that glues the action is the […]

6 mins read

How to record a WhatsApp call

If you have an important call on WhatsApp, you may want to record audio for your personal folders. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not support this feature by default, so you have to look for other solutions. No need, even with standalone recording software, you can’t record audio on desktop platforms. Neither the WhatsApp web nor the […]

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Many users carry their iPod in the car, whether Shuffle, Mini or “King iPod”, unfortunately, on long trips the battery tends to run out. This curious peripheral can be of great help. FireiPod is a car cigarette lighter adapter that offers two outputs, one USB and one Firewire to recharge the iPod if it runs […]

1 min read

Slack: How to set your status

Throughout the day, you may be in a different mood or listening to different music and want to share, but not post a message. Many communication apps allow you to set a status that other users can see if they are looking for them. Slack also allows you to set your status, to do this […]

2 mins read

The BNG asks the Government about sanctions on municipalities that offer free broadband

The spokesperson for the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) in Congress, Francisco Rodríguez, asked the Government about the sanctioning files opened by the National Telecommunications Market Commission against municipalities that offer free broadband internet access. Through a parliamentary initiative, the BNG asks if it is not ‘a paradox’ that these files are opened to town councils […]

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New Zealand lifts almost all coronavirus restrictions after no active Covid-19 cases reported

(CNN) – Almost all coronavirus restrictions in New Zealand will be lifted tomorrow, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced after the country had reported no active cases. However, social distancing is still supported and Ardern said New Zealand’s international borders will remain closed to non-residents to prevent new epidemics. Residents arriving in New Zealand will still […]

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