Times of Peace, Sinesby’s homily

If a few weeks ago we were excited, worried, impressed… with the great news from Apple, now, after long pitched battles, protest movements and insults to our neighbors, we can half breathe. The problem began with a simple rumor, which ceased to be a rumor in record time, 1 hour to say nothing, but many […]

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Hellrider 3, the review

Developed by Andrey Chernyshov alone hidden behind the name of Anji Games, this Hellrider 3 which you are reading about review it is obviously the third episode of a series which in the first two chapters adopted two-dimensional graphics with a view from above and which instead in this case takes the big step towards […]

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Another patented “elementary” thing: PalmOne patents illuminated keys as an information system

Thanks to MobileRead we have learned that last week the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted palmOne the patent entitled “Illuminatable buttons and method for indicating information using illuminatable buttons”, which grants several designers at the palmOne center in Montpellier the intellectual property on the use of illuminated keys as information indicators for the […]

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The development and implementation plan for the electronic DNI remains opaque

The Computer Freedoms Commission has reported that the Spanish Data Protection Agency “does not know the documentation that the General Directorate of the Police is using for the implementation of the electronic DNI”, planned for 2006. According to the same note, “the CLI requested, in a meeting with the AEPD, the technical and legal reports […]

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Sun opens Solaris code

In the midst of a dialectical battle over the transition from Mac OS Sun is publishing about 5 million lines of Solaris core code on a dedicated website. The operation aims to increase the number of Solar developers, a system in which nearly 1,000 people currently work exclusively at Sun. The company wants to motivate […]

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Slack: How to change the workspace icon

Businesses make up a large part of Slack’s target audience because the software is ideal for business communications. Each workspace can have multiple public and private channels. Each allows different teams and projects to have their own space to communicate independently. On the contrary, being all in one global workspace that can be managed centrally […]

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Antonio. The truth is that it had been a long time since Daniel had spoken to his friends. In recent weeks his only concern was a strange phrase that was running through his mind, and that he was not able to explain. If you could count mathematically how much time he had spent thinking about […]

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Maxesla Portable Coffee Thermos Cup Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask, BPA-Free Travel Mug, Leak-Proof, Double Wall Thermal, Vacuum Insulated Reusable Tea Cup 500ML

【SAFETY MATERIALS】This eco-friendly coffee cup has a food grade natural airtight silicone sealing ring made of eco-friendly PP material. BPA-free, prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps the drink odor-free.【ADVANCED DESIGN】Comes with a removable and reversible silicone case and a portable hook. Advanced paint technology to prevent paint peeling. The bottom of the coffee cup […]

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Troubleshoot Slack messages not showing

Although Slack is one of the best team collaboration services available, you may experience problems delivering your messages. Since this is one of Slack’s core features, it’s a big deal. This issue affects Slack universally, regardless of the user interface or operating system you are using. Fortunately, we have some troubleshooting tips. Read all your […]

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