PLC runs out of power

Tecnocom has been in charge of sounding the alarm. The technology company that supplies PLC equipment to Iberdrola has publicly indicated that the deployment is in a ‘temporary parenthesis’. The statement is from its president, Luis Solera, and is part of the letter to shareholders included in its audit report for 2004. In this letter, […]

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Using SCSI scanners with Tiger

Here are some simple steps to use old SCSI scanners with Tiger. – Recover the extensions from 10.2.8 (“zip” file on hardmac) – View the Tiger extensions and replace them with the Jaguar ones, being careful to keep the original Tiger “info.plist” and “version.plist” – Delete files (they are recreated after reboot): /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache /System/Library/Extensions.mkext – […]

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OpenBSD creator criticizes Linux

Theo de Raadt questions the functioning of the free community, its too fast development cycles and the mediocrity of the kernel. De Raadt is not “comfortable” replied Linus Torvalds. Relations in the free community between OpenBSD and Linux are at risk of cooling. In an interview with Forbes, Theo de Raadt, creator of OpenBSD, denounces […]

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What are HQX files? – ExpertGeek

HQX files are a type of Macintosh compressed file. They can be used to store binary versions of images and other multimedia files, as well as documents. Previous versions of this file type used the HEX and HCX extensions; all three types are BinHex 4 compressed files. BinHex means binary to hexadecimal, also filenames. The […]

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How to clone a Git repository on Linux

Git is a distributed version control system designed to facilitate coordinated public or private software development. Each project in Git is stored in a separate repository. GitHub is the most popular website for hosting repositories, but it is not the only one. There are other public hosting sites like Bitbucket, as well as self-hosted options […]

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Microsoft Teams: Sort members by name

Microsoft Teams is a great team collaboration platform. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for professional and corporate users, as well as teachers and students. But excellent does not mean perfect. Dozens of essential features are still missing, such as the option to sort team members by name. Sort team member names in alphabetical […]

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