Apple / Teleca Alliance

Teleca, international supplier of consulting and software engineering services for advanced systems, electronic equipment and telecommunications applications, has announced a new alliance with Apple. The announcement, which was made public at the 3GSM fair in Cannes, implies that Teleca will be able to use Apple software and hardware to integrate complete multimedia solutions for phones. […]

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They steal $3 million from Apple and face 20 years in prison. They counterfeited thousands of iPhones and now they will pay the consequences

Two young Chinese are behind a plot of million-dollar scams A recent report revealed that The iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in the world. Such is the impact of the North American company’s smartphones that they managed to place 7 devices among the 10 best sellers. In fact, the figure is even more […]

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Epic Games Fined Record for Manipulating and Tricking Children into Buying Fortnite Content

Epic Games, the developer of Fortniteyou will have to pay more than 520 million dollars for having used prohibited techniques to manipulate minors so that they buy skins and game content without the consent of their parents or guardians. The game’s purchasing system would allow minors to unintentionally acquire, by paying real money, game elements […]

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The Mac Wikipedia is born

A new project for Mac users has seen the light, WikiMac. For those who do not know the meaning of Wiki, say that it is a collection of hypertext web pages, each of which can be visited and edited by anyone. “WikiMac is a Wiki site for Mac users,” said David Feng, founder of WikiMac […]

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Evil Twin: Cyprien’s Chronicles – Cheats

Codes Infinite lives Jump Button/Action Button/First Person View Button/Jump Button/Fire Button View Fire Button/Shoot Button/Jump Button/First Person View Button/Action Button Sniper Action Button/Fire Button/Jump Button/First Person View Button/Fire Button Mega fire Shoot Button/First Person View Button/First Person View Button/Action Button/Jump Button Quick fire Action Button/First Person View Button/Jump Button/First Person View Button/Fire Button I shoot […]

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ESPN NFL Football – Cheats

You can get the same salary for your players for many years. When a player is injured, his stats are temporarily decreased. While he is injured, go negotiate a new contract with him. In this case you can convince him to receive the same salary for seven years. You can do this at any time […]

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