Olympic Games: IOC commits to working with athletes on moderate protest policy

Current IOC guidelines prohibit any form of protest at the Olympics, including kneeling, raising fists or refusing to follow protocol during medals. However, the death of George Floyd last month in Minneapolis, which sparked demonstrations across the United States and around the world, had some sports organizations rethinking protest bans. Visit CNN.com/sport for more news, […]

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The Fed says it will stimulate for years

This means that it may take many years for interest rates to rise again. The Federal Reserve’s “dot plot,” which reflects the forecasts of central bank policymakers, shows no increase in interest rates this year or in 2021. Even in 2022, most policymakers believe Rates will remain at their current level. “We’re not thinking about […]

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Elections in 2020: Concerns about November are increasing after the catastrophic Georgia disaster

However, the state’s inability to prepare and rectify them emphasizes the need for many election officials, activists and experts to quickly increase funding, preparation and training ahead of the November general election. As Congress deadlocked over additional funding and support for countries trying to prepare for Nov. 3, the warning signs are getting worse and […]

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The smartphone becomes a microphone

Sony he threw SingStar: Ultimate Partythe new chapter of the SingStar franchise, exclusively for PS3 and PS4 together with a free appcompatible with smartphones Android and iOScapable of transforming them into a real microphone.It’s been 10 years since the first SingStar launched and, since then, over 22 million copies of the game have been sold […]

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The parcel awaiting delivery scam is back: how to recognize it

There happinessoften perceived as a distant goal or a fleeting mirage, is actually a feeling that can be cultivated and practiced daily. Like a plant that requires care and attention, happiness requires constant practice to thrive and grow. happiness can actually be learned through courses like “Science of happiness“, which educates students on evidence-based habits […]

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What is the best domain name for your website?

Currently, businesses that have a website have more opportunities to grow in the market, because they can access more real and potential customers and provide personalized attention through contact forms and innovative chatbots. If you want to buy a domain, you must analyze a variety of factors, such as, for example, maintenance costs, reputation or […]

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Manual update of Pixel 4 phone to Android 11

With Android 11, Google will roll out exciting new innovations for developers, including significantly faster 5G speeds, call detection APIs, machine learning, security improvements, and new camera and media capabilities. Google explicitly states that this pre-release version of Android, the final version of which is expected to be released later this year, should only be […]

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English Premier League launches NFT and Metaverse Venture

The English Premier League is launching a new project in the virtual sphere. In order to expand their communication channels with subscribers, a growing number of multinational corporations are expressing interest in non-fungible tokens and the metaverse. The English Premier League, the top level of English professional soccer, is the latest entity to enter the […]

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Battle Prime, the review

There Battle Prime reviewit shooter competitive BlitzTeam launched globally a few days ago in format freemiumrepresents an important testimony of how a small independent team can create, within a year, a product not only driven by a powerful proprietary engine, but capable of competing at the highest levels on iOS and Android. Matured over a […]

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4 alternatives to Samsung Pay

Having the ability to pay for goods or services without your wallet is useful in itself. Samsung smartphone users can go to any store to buy products and pay for them with Samsung Pay successfully most of the time. But what about other Android users? Can they only bite their fingers because of jealousy? Fortunately, […]

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