What is electronic paper? – ExpertGeek

Electronic paper is a display device designed to look as close as possible to ink on paper. Sometimes also known as e-ink or electronic ink, e-paper is a very low-power display technology. Screen content is completely visible by reflecting ambient light rather than being backlit or producing light directly as with other types of displays. […]

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Widgets, file downloads, etc…

Regarding a comment made by Gibli in the article in this edition: Another guide to making Widgets a security consideration. In recent days it has been commented again that Safari automatically downloads files (in this case, from the release of Tiger, the Widgets) automatically. Widgets can be very useful programs, but like any application, they […]

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Destineer buys Atomic Games

Destineer Studios, the parents of MacSoft, has announced the purchase of Atomic Games, known for its Close Combat combat strategy games. Atomic Games and Destineer recently collaborated on Close Combat: First to Fight and are currently developing another game, Close Combat: Red Phoenix. The history of Atomic Games began in 1992, when they won the […]

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Tropic Haze responds to Nintendo’s lawsuit for the Yuzu Emulator

Tropic Haze, the company responsible for the Yuzu Switch emulator, has submitted its response to the lawsuit filed by Nintendo. Nintendo accuses Tropic Haze of “illegally bypassing software encryption” of its games, facilitating large-scale piracy. A few days ago, it was reported that Nintendo was suing the creators of the Yuzu emulator for Nintendo Switch, […]

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A safety story

A company in Oxfordshire, Great Britain, says it has found files belonging to the British Ministry of Defense on a laptop purchased from the city council’s waste. The partner of a SecureTest back-office worker bought an IBM Thinkpad for £80 from a council colleague. The SecureTest staff examined the machine to do a favor for […]

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AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.10.2 WHQL Drivers Available with Various Bug Fixes

AMD, the well-known manufacturer of processors and graphics cards, has published the new version of its certified drivers on its website. WHQL AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.10.2. This new version does not include support for new games, but rather focuses on correcting various bugs and failures that could appear in previous versions of the drivers. […]

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