Narcos: Rise Of The Cartel, the review

Kuju is a name known to some more attentive and experienced players, given the debut title was Train Simulator 2001 at the dawn of the millennium. Since then the London-based developer has worked more or less in the shadows, collaborating with other software houses on projects such as Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Marvel […]

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What Microsoft says Microsoft has to do to beat Apple (it’s that simple)

On Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Microsoft announced to its employees that it was proceeding with a reorganization of the company, simplifying the organization so that lower-level executives would have the ability to make decisions, so that the company could move more quickly in the ever-evolving environment and better compete with companies like Google and Apple. […]

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Two Missouri hairdressers who had coronavirus saw 140 clients, but no one became infected.

Clients and stylists wore masks and the salon introduced other measures, such as socially distanced chairs and staggered appointments, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department said this week. Of the 140 potentially vulnerable customers and seven associates, 46 took tests that returned negative results. Everyone else was quarantined while the coronavirus incubated. The 14-day incubation period […]

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Kadaza, directory to set as home page

Being able to easily have an access system to web pages that are interesting is something we should be grateful for. Kadaza is a directory of web pages, in several languages, that is used to quickly access everything that is current. We can also place this directory as the home page in our web browser. […]

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LinkedIn will now have a gaming section

LinkedIn, the most popular professional social network, is about to take an unexpected turn, it will enter the world of games This new feature, discovered by app researchers, promises a fun and competitive experience for users. The games, “Blueprint”, “Crossclimb” and “Queens”, will be based on puzzles and can be completed in a few minutes, […]

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Evorim Free Firewall, to protect privacy

A firewall or firewall serves to protect privacy among other functions. It is part of a computer or computer network. Its purpose is to block unauthorized access. It only allows risk-free communications to be established. Monitor applications that try to establish unauthorized communications. Evorim Free Firewall includes all the functions necessary to establish these protections. […]

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Even as he pleaded for his life, George Floyd called Derek Chauvin ‘sir,’ his brother says

Human rights defender Martin Luther King III said Protestants were finally heard after recently posting on Twitter: “As my father explained in his life, riots are the language of the deaf.” King said protests after George Floyd’s death would not change racial inequality in the United States immediately, but could have an impact before long. […]

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Use LogMeOnce to manage passwords

We use more and more accounts on the Internet. Using the same password for all accounts is not recommended. Therefore it is necessary to use an application like LogMeOncewhich allows password management without having to use a password to access it. Although there are several applications designed for this purpose, it doesn’t hurt to analyze […]

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Prestige Imports launches the Core collection for its 45th anniversary

In honor of Prestige Imports’ 45th anniversary, the distributor has created “The Core Collection.” The luxury lifestyle that comes with owning high-end supercars and luxury marine vessels acts as an extension of personal style, showcasing high-end fitments that complement the toys in the garage. It’s a lifestyle that the supercar and marine specialists at Prestige […]

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