Android 14 will allow us to integrate all health information in one place

Android 14 will have a new feature called Health Connectan application that began to be tested in mid-November of this year to try to create a standard for interconnect all health applications related to scales, quantifying bracelets and other related devices. Without Health Connect, the developers of Android applications related to these devices must create […]

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Planet Zoo: Console Edition, a new trailer shows the gameplay of the game

Planet Zoo: Console Edition shows itself in a new trailer focused on gameplay of the game by Frontier, which also brings the particular management of increasingly large zoos at the “global” level to PS5 and Xbox Series After arriving on PC, Planet Zoo received numerous expansions and DLC capable of significantly enriching the original content, […]

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How to extend your Wi-Fi network to play in the best way with AVM FRITZ repeaters!

The internet is a serious thing: nowadays it is impossible to ignore a Wi-Fi connection at homeand although over the years technology has made substantial strides forward, making it much simpler and more immediate to create an environment dedicated to entertainment that is perfectly functional, there are aspects that can still create some headaches and […]

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Spiderman 2: Enter Electro – Cheats

Codes Cheat modes Enter “AUNTMAY” as a code to unlock everything in the game Choice of level Enter “NONJYMNT” as a code to unlock the level choice option Infinite lives Enter “SUPERGOD” as a code to unlock infinite lives All training challenges Enter “CEREBRA” as a code to unlock all training challenges All costumes Enter […]

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CampusMac2k3: SamaGame T-shirts

If there is something that identifies those of us who make up the SamaGame on Campus, it is the red t-shirts: This year they have been sponsored by Abstrakt. Red t-shirts everywhere. This year the history of the t-shirts has been really curious. From the first desire to make them, until we have distributed them […]

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Turboant X7 Electric Scooter Review

Electric scooters have been all the rage recently. You see them everywhere on the road, and everyone seems to be using them. With the increase in demand for electric scooters, the number of companies manufacturing scooters also increases, making it difficult for the consumer to distinguish the good ones from the bad. We received the […]

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