Transform monsters into nightmarish contraptions in the wild 2D sci-fi platformer, Transmogrify

The strange retro style platformer Transmogrify is launching on Steam today. Set to an experimental retrofuturistic soundtrack, you play as Chris, a janitor stuck in the Future Perfect Labs where strange and deadly specimens have breached containment and invaded the facility. WATCH THE LAUNCH VIDEO TRAILER: You are armed with the mysterious experimental device Transmogrify: […]

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Android Wear also for iOS?

Android Wear it may soon be compatible with too iOS. To announce that Google Jeff Chang, Product Manager working on the Android Wear platform, is working on this project. There declaration of intent was made on the occasion of an interview published on the Huffington Post. The development of the app to manage the smartwatches […]

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Tim: call center for the deaf

THE Tim and Telecom Italia call centers they become accessible to the deaf. This new mode of interaction is made possible by the app Pedius (available for Apple iOS and Android) which allows you to call 187 and 119 using technologies speech recognition and synthesis. The application puts the customer directly in contact with the […]

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Drops with nanoparticles will replace glasses

The study is still in its early phases. A discovery made by Israeli scientists points to the replacement of glasses for people suffering from myopia, astigmatism and similar vision problems, with drops containing nanoparticles. Until now all experiments have been carried out in pigs, animals that have a vision system similar to that of humans. […]

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The composer of UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of Wolves revealed: Marcin Przybyłowicz will sign the soundtrack

Microids is pleased to reveal the official soundtrack to its highly anticipated game UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves will be signed by the famous composer Marcin Przybyłowicz (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt). He will be joined by the talented composer Magda Urbańska (Gwent: Rouge Mage). Together they will compose the original soundtrack, […]

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FB and Apple: bonus for freezing eggs

New mothers are not always able to reconcile career and children: two real full-time jobs. For this reason, Apple and Facebook have come to the rescue of their pink employees by offering the full payment for the procedure that allows you to freeze your eggs for a hypothetical future pregnancy. A practice that would therefore […]

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IPVanish VPN Review – IGN

A dashboard designed to allow Internet users to take full control of their privacy, IPVanish isn’t the prettiest virtual private network on the web, but it gets the job done. Offering a responsive service that can keep up with the demands of Netflix and online gaming, IPVanish includes all the core features that savvy users […]

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Spike TV trusts Apple products

Spike TV, a cable television channel, relies 100% on Apple products. When Spike TV, a cable television channel, decided to make more commercials to cover Super Bowl weekend, its director, John Papola, said that they would have to use Apple machines and programs to be able to have them finished on time and without going […]

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