The ASUS ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro arrive with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, 165 Hz and a new external cooling system with Peltier cell

ASUS has officially launched the sixth generation of one of the most characteristic and powerful gaming smartphones of each year, the ASUS ROG Phone 6 and its variant ROG Phone 6 Pro. In addition to the expected leaps in performance that it achieves thanks to being one of the first terminals with the powerful Qualcomm […]

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Battle Breakers, the review

Those who follow the mobile gaming market with a little attention (but also without too much attention, to tell the truth), will have already understood more or less what this game corresponds to, however the coat of arms of the developers and the size of the production require us to deepen your knowledge with this […]

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NordVPN Review – IGN

A feature-rich virtual private network that’s been around for eight years, NordVPN has grown its service from an Android app launched in 2012 to one of the biggest names among VPNs in 2020. But does NordVPN’s performance measure up? of its big name We put the cross-platform service to the test and against its peers, […]

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Apple’s quiet man, Tim Cook

An extensive profile has been published about the man who “ran” Apple during the time Steve Jobs was ill last year and who, just perhaps, could be Jobs’ replacement. Former Compaq executive Tim Cook has become a key person in Apple’s “operations center.” For many, Cook is Apple’s “heir” if Jobs ever decides to leave […]

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Curved walking: an indicator of cognitive decline in older adults

Intelligence and concentration are two closely linked elements that play a crucial role in determining success and well-being of an individual. However, we often find ourselves struggling with distractions that undermine our ability to focus attention on important tasks. Luckily, the brain is equipped with sophisticated mechanisms to eliminate distractions and maintain concentration. So let’s […]

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What to do to use the Internet safely?

The Internet has its risks, hence the need to intensify security when using the network of networks. Not only travel on the Web, but everything else, email, downloads, streaming, and so on, sometimes includes elements that can compromise our security. Increasingly, it is necessary to establish adequate protection systems. There are some principles that must […]

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Phoenix Point, the review

Julian Gollop was able to achieve Phoenix Point thanks to the success of Fireaxis’ XCOM, which in turn started from its XCOM to found its excellent series. In reality, Gollop thought of following up on that fruitful experience, which we remember dating back to the mid-90s, before Fireaxis took it over, but history tells us […]

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Mac miniBot

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma have created a robot that works thanks to a Mac mini and its eyes are an iSight. The project aimed to know the result of controlling a robot using the Mac mini’s visual and auditory sensors before having to design them. Researchers hope to create an autonomous robot. The […]

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