Carl Pei confirms that the Nothing Phone (1) will have a Snapdragon 778G+

Carl Pei has curiously announced via Twitter that The Nothing Phone (1) will have a Snapdragon chip, specifically the Snapdragon 778G+being a premium mid-range chip with which the Nothing Phone (1) should have more than acceptable performance without increasing the sales price of the terminal. In principle, the Phone (1) is expected to hit the […]

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Just Dance 2020, the review

With this one of ours review of Just Dance 2020 for Nintendo Switch we are here to remind you that in life only three things are certain: death, taxes and the annual appointment with the Ubisoft music video game. In detail, Just Dance 2020 represents the eleventh iteration of the entire franchise, whose first chapter […]

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Food is not the same as nutrition

They are two terms that incite confusion, but it is clear that feeding and nutrition They don’t have the same meaning. Although they are sometimes used synonymously, they describe different processes in our body and those of other living beings. When we talk about nutrition We refer to all the functions that our body uses […]

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Apple files patent for advanced equalizer for iPod and more

On September 15, 2005, the United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed patent application number 20050201572 entitled: Methods and system for approximating graphic equalizers using a dynamic reduction filter. The creators found on the patent are Aram Lindahl, and Joseph Mark Williams. Broadly speaking, the invention relates to improvements in the graphic equalizers of certain […]

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How to optimize a Mac computer

All computers, after a certain period of use, store data and leave behind unnecessary files. In Windows there are a few applications designed to clean and optimize any computer. The same thing happens on Mac computers. Today we propose five of those applications. Its primary purpose is optimization, using a series of functions in each […]

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Steam: English is no longer the most used language, overtaken by simplified Chinese

The latest hardware and software survey Steamfrom February 2024, showed a truly surprising result: the Simplified Chinese (the language of mainland China) has overtaken English among the most used languages, placing it in first position. More precisely, simplified Chinese is used by 32.84% of platform users (+7.62% compared to the previous survey), whileEnglish from 31.12% […]

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