Magic Brick Wars, the review

There Magic Brick Wars reviewthe new title of Halfbrick Studiosstarts from a rather bitter observation: seeing such a talented team, creators of games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, limit themselves to creating a clone of Clash Royale it doesn’t put you in a good mood and actually leaves you rather perplexed regarding the current […]

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The best features of Huawei MatePad 10.4

Huawei has introduced a 10.4-inch mid-range tablet with a decent feature set. Its 2K display, 4-speaker surround sound, and optional Huawei M-Pencil make Android compatible with the same sensor. Huawei MatePad 10.4 has very similar features. However, Huawei has decided to update it to install a new Kirin 820 chipset, update the software and become […]

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Outlook: archive email

Our email accounts tend to be overloaded these days, full of things we don’t want or need. Inboxes can quickly become clogged and cause a headache when trying to find something really important. I mostly use my Gmail account these days, but I still have some use for my Outlook account and program. One of […]

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Chrome: activate PIP mode

Picture-in-picture mode has its advantages. You can continue working and watch videos at the same time. It’s a feature you can also use in favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp and watch videos without leaving the app. Chrome also has this useful feature for its users, and you can enable it in several ways. You can […]

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Artificial intelligence and astronomers made a colossal discovery in outer space

Approximately 400,000 spiral galaxies and 30,000 ring galaxies have been discovered in archival data from the Subaru Telescope, thanks to artificial intelligence and amateur astronomers. Per Week Galaxies display a wide variety of morphologies that reflect the histories of individual galaxies. Data sets obtained from facilities like the Subaru Telescope contain so many galaxies that […]

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Safety is currently the ___iest word on the go

(CNN) – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts cooperates with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Assembly: an international team with One Medical. In the case of the French hotel company Accor, the partner is the insurance company AXA, and along with Hilton is Lysol. And then there’s a new safety seal from the World Travel and Tourism […]

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Discover the power of the Samsung S23 Ultra: a leap into the future

He Samsung S23 Ultra represents the pinnacle of innovation in the Galaxy family, offering unique and advanced features that set it apart in the high-end smartphone market. This device is admired for its superior capabilities in photography, performance and user experience, setting a new standard for smartphones. The design and functionalities of the Samsung S23 […]

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