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Campusmac Technical Conferences: Weblogs Workshop

Once again the Campusmac Association offers us the possibility, through a technical day, to learn the ins and outs, this time, of the logs.

The Workshop will be led by Miguel Angel Esteban (Marianitu).

Date and times:

Sunday, February 5, 2006, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Escola Proa, c/ Gavá, 50 (between Almería and Alpens) Sants neighborhood.

Punctuality is requested, as the access door can only be open from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

You can look for the best public transport route from your home on the TMB website.


a) Weblogs as a user

1- What is a Weblog?

2- History of Weblogs: Origins and evolution.

3- Structure of a Weblog.

4- Syndication and Aggregators.

5- Weblog Communities.

b) Weblogs as a writer

1- The Content Manager (CMS).

2- Philosophy of the CMS.

3- Different types of CMS.

4- Practical management of a CMS and how it is reflected on our website.

c) We start writing

1- Presentation of easy-to-use CMS.

2- Creation of a weblog through “La Coctelera” or “Blogger”.

2.1- How to write a post. Basic notions of HTML.

3- Advanced CMS’s: WordPress and/or Textpattern

4- Installation of an advanced CMS.

4.1- Download from website.

4.2- Upload files to the server using FTP.

4.3- Creation of a MySQL database.

4.4- Connection of the CMS with the MySQL database.

5- Basic WordPress and/or Textpattern management.

6- Editing our templates and creating our designs.

(Note from the organization: In case of not being able to reach all the points of the program in this workshop, the date for the 2nd part will be made public later).

Recommended: It is not necessary to have specific applications installed for the occasion, but these will be some of the ones that the speaker will use:

Browser: Mozilla Firefox, which has tools that other browsers lack.

FTP client: Fetch whose free trial version you will find here

Text Editor: There are many that can be used, but the speaker prefers Textwrangler, which is free.

Other things are already in the system, like the Terminal, but since you cannot type certain characters (neither “@” nor “#”, for example) it may be fine to have iTerm installed.

Admission will be free but it is ESSENTIAL to register in advance in this same post or in the link that will soon be enabled on the CampusMac website.

We recommend bringing extension cables if you are bringing your computer.

Don’t forget to mark your material to avoid last minute confusion!

Please keep an eye on your things: The organization will NOT be responsible for the loss or deterioration of attendees’ private belongings.

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