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Capture the best selfies for your Instagram

It doesn’t matter what social media platform you use, whether Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or even Twitter, selfies are the rule. However, “natural” selfies have been replaced by enhanced selfies. Apparentlyhaving a front camera is not enough for most users.

With the best selfie apps, we have the ability to add filters, stickers, anti-glare masks to make self-portraits even more special. However, with so many apps to choose from, which ones should you use? Here are our recommendations.


Facetune Editor by Lightricks for Android and iOS allows you to easily edit photos and videos or enhance your selfie with a single touch on the screen. In detail, it allows you to cover imperfections, apply makeup, refresh tired eyes or explore new eye colors, add sunburn or darken hair.

Here is the possibility of thinning or thickening eyebrows, lips or hair with Reshape; whiten teeth, clothes and sneakers; Airbrush tanned or smooth skin. Among the options to take advantage of are photographic filters to match your personal aesthetic.

There are also more than 50 color filters that allow you to make your photos unique. The app is free for 7 days, a useful period to know if the available tools live up to their promise. You should also know that many tools are only available in the paid version, 3.60 euros per month or 22 euros per year.


AirBrush It is characterized by having a wide range of tools that are perfect for Instagram, to take the best selfies. We think about the elimination of facial imperfections, teeth whitening, the “Smooth” option to achieve a bright and perfect complexion.

You also have the corrector for photos taken in low light conditions, the possibility of highlighting the contrast of the eyes to give a touch of light to your selfies with the “Lighten” tool. With “Blur” you can retouch any photo to give it more depth and focus on what really matters.

Then there is the ability to thin or enlarge any area of ​​the photo and retouch the size of any section of the image. AirBrush beauty filters They’re designed to enhance portraits and selfies too, while the Vignette tool lets you add a thin-edged frame to your photos.

Therefore, from the Background section it is possible to choose the background that we prefer and replace it with the one that is currently present. Needless to say, the app makes sharing on social media easy. For Android smartphones and tablets and for iPhone and iPad.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera: Selfie brings a wide range of filters, designed specifically for selfies. In addition to the filter camera, additional editing tools are available for selfie as desired: slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara.

Simply swipe left and right to switch between filters. Among the advantages to also be exploited for Instagram is the decoration of the selfie with one of the Candy Camera collection stickers. Among other things, new options are implemented in the application, for Android smartphones and tablets and for iPhone and iPad, with each update.

So there are over 30 filters that handle colors and contrast in a particular way. The user can also select the image size between 16:9 and 4:3, as well as create grids consisting of 2, 4 or even more images.


It is only surprising because of the many features of Cymera – Photo Editor Collage. We think of professional beauty tools for skin makeup, facial or subtle remodeling, removal of wrinkles, pimples and dark circles. To beauty filters and makeup effects.

Or selfie effects of real-time beauty camera and makeup camera. Among the particular changes is the transformation of the selfie into a meme with the funniest texts and allowing the insertion of hair, eyebrows and beautician-proof makeup.

The camera mode has a classic style, similar to many other applications of the genre and allows you to make the first optimizations to have a technically excellent basis for your selfie. Cymera Photo Editor is a free app for Android and iOS users.

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