Macromedia boss leaves Adobe

Adobe has confirmed that Macromedia CEO Stephen Elop is leaving the company at the end of the accounting year. Since Adobe’s purchase of Macromedia, Stephen Elop was named president of Adobe’s international field operations. Stephen Elop oversees the company’s global sales organization and is responsible for all customer-facing functions, including sales, field marketing, marketing partners, […]

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Adobe issues a statement on the “PDF battle” against Microsoft

The company says Microsoft is an important partner of Adobe, adding: “Adobe is one of the largest developers of commercial software for Windows and we share millions of customers around the world.” The statement continues: “While we do not typically publicly discuss our negotiations with customers, partners or competitors, Microsoft recently decided to share with […]

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Adobe threatens antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft

Microsoft Corp.’s negotiations to use Adobe Systems Inc.’s technology in its new Office software broke down earlier this week and Adobe has threatened a lawsuit, Dave Heiner, chief attorney at Microsoft’s antitrust legal group, said Friday. Microsoft. Previously undisclosed talks between the two sides centered on Microsoft’s plan to allow users to save work using […]

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FAQ: What is Adobe Live?

Adobe Live is an international event organized by Adobe Systems that in some countries such as the United Kingdom is the third year it has been held, and this year it will be held in seven European cities, including Barcelona, ​​as well as London, Paris, Stockholm, Milan, Utrecht and Cologne. In Spain Adobe Live will […]

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Adobe gives details of Apollo

Adobe has revealed more details about Apollo, one of the first products of the Adobe-Macromedia merger that will be integrated into Acrobat Reader and Flash Player. The technology will provide developers with the tools to create runtime applications available offline without a browser, and will incur lower costs associated with web development tools that require […]

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Adobe announces new chief financial officer

Adobe has announced Randy Furr as its new executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO). He will report directly to Adobe President Bruce Chizen. He will begin his new role on May 30, succeeding Murray Demo, former CFO of Adobe. Furr will be responsible for the company’s finances, investor relations, information services, purchasing, facilities, […]

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Adobe updates Photoshop CS2

Adobe released a significant update to Photoshop 9 (CS2) yesterday. Two versions of the update are available, one for English installations (24.2 MB), and one for all languages ​​(12MB). Updates are available from the Adobe downloads website. Adobe has released information regarding what the company considers to be the “most significant” fixes contained in the […]

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Adobe Spry makes AJAX programming easy

Adobe Systems technology aimed at making AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) programming easier for web designers has made its first appearance. The company will offer a free preview version of a framework called Spry. The Spry framework is basically HTML and has a JavaScript library geared specifically toward web designers, said Jennifer Taylor, Adobe’s Dreamweaver […]

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Adobe Live 2006, The creative revolution comes to Spain!

The international event of the year for the creative professional will take place on June 8 in Barcelona. Apple Computer, HP, Xerox, Dell, Nemetcheck, Olympus, Matrox, Unisys and Wacom among other manufacturers and speakers will be present. Adobe Systems presents Adobe Live 06!, an international event held annually in London, Paris, Munich, Milan, Stockholm and […]

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Adobe, Nemetschek and HP announce a joint seminar for the Architecture and Construction sector

Adobe Systems, together with Nemetschek and HP, will address professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector to publicize the news of the 3 companies in relation to collaboration in design and processes. “Whether you are an architect, engineer, developer or contractor, you need solutions that allow you to maintain fluid communication with your team […]

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Adobe, UGS and HP announce a joint seminar on collaborative processes in the Product Life Cycle

Adobe Systems, together with UGS and HP, will address professionals in the manufacturing and engineering sector to publicize the news of the 3 companies in relation to the Product Life Cycle. “Collaboration is the essence of every business,” declares Miquel Bada, Marketing Director of Adobe Systems Ibérica. “With the launch of Adobe Acrobat 3D, collaboration […]

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Adobe reports record first quarter financial results

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today reported record financial results for the first quarter ended March 3, 2006. The company’s first quarter results reflect the recent acquisition of Macromedia and compare to pre-acquisition results of other previous fiscal periods. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2006, Adobe achieved record revenues of $655.5 million compared to […]

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