Windows 11 will include Epic Games content in the Microsoft Store as well as Android games and apps from the Amazon Appstore

Windows 11 will be launched on October 5 and will include improvements based on Interface Design and Task Optimization. Windows 11 will also include great news in your app storesince he promised bring Android games and apps to your operating system. On his blog he announced that the first stores included in the Microsoft Store […]

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Portaltic.-Realme UI 2.0, based on Android 11, features new personalization and smart protection

MADRID, September 21 (Portaltic / EP) – The realme company has presented the new version of its User Interface 2.0 customization layer, based on the new Android 11 operating system, with new customization and privacy functions, and which consumes up to 45 percent less system resources. The new layer of personalization aims to “meet the […]

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Will prevent Android 11 from using third-party cameras

Google is making a major change in Android 11, which will force apps that want to take photos or videos to use the phone’s built-in camera app, even if you’ve created a different camera app, like OpenCamera, its default option for photos. . . «[Webelievethisistherighttrade-offtoprotecttheprivacyandsecurityofourusers»wrotetheAndroidengineeringteam[Webelievethisistherighttrade-offtoprotecttheprivacyandsecurityofourusers»wrotetheAndroidengineeringteam[“Webelievethisistherighttrade-offtoprotecttheprivacyandsecurityofourusers”wrotetheAndroidengineeringteam[Creemosqueestoesunintercambiocorrectoparaprotegerlaprivacidadyseguridaddenuestrosusuarios»escribióelequipodeingenieríadeandroide[Creemosqueeslacompensacióncorrectaparaprotegerlaprivacidadylaseguridaddenuestrosusuarios»escribióelequipodeingenieríadeAndroid[Webelievethisistherighttrade-offtoprotecttheprivacyandsecurityofourusers»wrotetheAndroidengineeringteam[Creemosqueeslacompensacióncorrectaparaprotegerlaprivacidadylaseguridaddenuestrosusuarios»escribióelequipodeingenieríadeAndroid Therefore, the next version of the operating system will lose […]

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