Android: iPhone X Animojis

Animojis were one of the most talked about iPhone features when Animojis launched, but for now they’ve been limited to just the iPhone X. This is understandable, given that the software used to create these animations uses high-tech Face ID hardware which is not yet available on other devices. This means that you won’t be […]

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7 of the best writing apps for Android

You don’t need a full-fledged word processor for your smartphone, as chances are it’s filled with a mountain of options that will distract you more than anything else. The best writing apps for your Android device are those with minimal interfaces and smartphone-specific layouts. If you’re looking for a creative writing app to help your […]

7 mins read

Android app on Windows 10: Microsoft updates “Your Phone” feature – you can run apps

Microsoft has updated your Your Phone application, which makes mobile functions compatible with the computer, and the Windows 10 operating system will begin to allow the use of Android applications from the computer. This feature will initially be available on several models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as announced this Wednesday at the presentation of the […]

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WhatsApp confirms the list of Android and iPhone smartphones that will stop working | PHOTOS | VIDEO | ios | Technology

WhatsApp updates, dedicated to providing better service on the instant messaging platform, would harm a large sector of users who use smartphones Android and iPhone. This is because the app published a list of phones on which it will stop working forever. The constant updates that WhatsApp receives to improve people’s experience mean that the […]

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