Privacy in danger! Uninstall 32 Google Chrome Extensions Now

Google has removed 32 malicious extensions from Chrome which have accumulated more than 75 million downloads. These extensions, hidden under the guise of improving the browsing experience, actually injected advertising and could steal user data. Popular extensions compromised Between the extensions Affected are some very popular ones, such as PDF Toolbox, Autoskip for YouTube, Soundboost […]

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Chrome and YouTube for kids

The vice president of engineering at Google, Pavni Diwanji, confirmed in an interview that the Mountain View giant is working on a version of YouTube designed for children. And the public of under 12 will be at the center of thoughts also regarding the search engine and Chrome browserof which ad hoc developed versions will […]

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Chrome is renewed! Revolutionary PDF improvements with artificial intelligence

There was a time when Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader was considered essential on a new computer. However, modern browsers have evolved so much that they are now capable of displaying PDF files without the need for additional programs. Less programs, more functionality Although some users still require specialized programs for advanced PDF […]

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