Counter-Strike 2: Players List All Features Cut From Global Offensive

Counter Strike 2 has now been launched, supplanting it completely Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, some players are not celebrating, given the high number of features, maps and modes cut compared to the old game. Anomaly, a well-known influencer in the Counter-Strike field, defined the launch of Counter-Strike 2 as negative, then listing everything that was […]

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Counter-Strike 2: let’s analyze all the new features arriving in Valve’s tactical shooter

Starting this summer the world of esports will never be the same again. Valve announced Counter Strike 2, a massive, free update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that will completely change the way you play one of the most loved and followed competitive shooters on the planet. From eliminating the tick rate to rebuilding some maps, […]

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Palworld behind Counter-Strike 2 among the most played on Steam, is the phenomenon starting to run out of steam?

Apparently the phenomenon Palworld is starting to show the first signs of slowing down, with Counter Strike 2 which has regained the lead in the ranking of the most played on Steam. Valve’s title currently has more than 900,000 players, while Pocketpair’s has more than 600,000 thousand. They are still very high numbers, which most […]

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Counter-Strike professional David “Cynic” Polster dies at 23

The world of esports is in mourning, as this morning the death of David “Cynic” Polster, professional Counter-Strike player, was reported. The news shook the entire community of the competitive title, since the young promise died at 23 years, His relatives confirmed his death without revealing the causes. His teammates and his coach published various […]

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Counter Strike 2 will combat high latency with Nvidia Reflex

Counter Strike 2 will arrive with Nvidia Reflex support this summer, and the technology could give GeForce GPU owners a competitive advantage. While it is important to achieve higher frame rates than ever in the next best FPS gaming contender, enabling the feature will ensure that the player’s performance is not hampered by hardware-related high […]

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