Flipping Death, the review

Talented developers, brilliant ideas and pervasive humor: put the ingredients together, mix them well and you will see that the guys from Zoink Games. In recent years the Swedish software house has given us real, immediately recognizable pearls, solid productions with never banal gameplay, always focused on inventiveness: think for example of Stick it to […]

6 mins read

Love, Death & Robots, the review

In recent days it has arrived Netflix the highly anticipated anthology series Love, Death & Robots created by David Fincher And Tim Miller. We are talking about eighteen episodes of varied duration, between 5 and 20 minutes, made up of different animation styles ranging from traditional 2D to photorealistic 3D with computer graphics. Without beating […]

5 mins read

Death Stranding on iPhone, iPad and Mac: Hideo Kojima reveals compatible Apple devices

After the initial announcement that seemed limited to the latest iPhone models, Hideo Kojima further clarified i compatible Apple devices with Death Strandingwhich go beyond the recent iPhone 15 and also include older models. As regards Apple smartphones specifically, compatibility actually seems to be limited to iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, as […]

1 min read

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, areas to visit, puzzles and Reasoning Death Match

Spike Chunsoft today released new details about their glossy noir detective adventure Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. The areas players will visit at the start of the game, elements to solving mysteries, and the basics of the Reasoning Death Match have been revealed. Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE arrives on Nintendo Switch on June 30, […]

3 mins read

Ballmer: “Because Apple passed the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and emerged again”

CNET interviewing Steven Ballmer: Do you get angry about the fact that Apple and Google always receive positive responses from analysts and the press to almost everything they do? Contrary to you, they always make quite harsh comments, like with the Windows Live announcement. How would you fix this situation? Ballmer: There is always bad […]

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