Pediatric Mental Health Startup Brightline Raises $105 Million Plus Digital Health Funding

Pediatric behavioral health company Brightline raised a whopping $105 million, raising its valuation to $705 million, SamaGame reported. The round was led by KKR & Co., with participation from existing investors including GV, Optum Ventures, Oak HC/FT Partners Threshold Ventures and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. CEO Naomi Allen told SamaGame that she will […]

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Apple promotes its education area on the cover of the main digital newspapers of the Vocento Group

With slogans such as “Apple University Special” or “Get a MAC and get discounts on the iPOD”, the banner sends us to the “Apple Digital Campus” page hosted on the servers of Media Trader, a Vocento company for commercial and Web design. The “minisite” contains a couple of news items related to university studies, three […]

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The Telecommunications Advisory Council considers the digital fee “a brake on the Information Society”

The members of the Telecommunications and Information Society Advisory Council (CATSI) met this morning to advise the Government on the impact of the recently approved Intellectual Property Law (LPI) and the principles to be included in the negotiation process . All members of the permanent have agreed that the digital canon “slows down the development […]

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The Viacom v. YouTube case: the story behind one of the biggest legal battles of the digital age

In 2007, viacomthe well-known entertainment company, filed a lawsuit against Youtube seeking more than $1 billion in damages. The basis of his argument was that YouTube had allowed users to upload and watch hundreds of thousands of Viacom-owned videos without permission, resulting in massive copyright infringement. Viacom replied that YouTube had received more than 100,000 […]

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Starfield, analysis of the PC version from Digital Foundry: the best, but it needs fixing

Digital Foundry has published the long-awaited analysis of the version PC Of Starfieldwhich according to the in-depth analysis written by Alex Battaglia is undoubtedly the best but requires some important adjustments. After testing how Starfield runs on a PC almost identical to the Xbox Series abnormal behavior on NVIDIA video cards compared to AMD ones. […]

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Magic in the digital age

Magic has always existed, exists and will continue to exist per omnia secula seculorum (forever and ever). Like everything it has evolved and continues in this process of adopting new forms, of conquering hitherto unknown spaces. Thanks to magic we discover what remains hidden, we awaken our mind in order to find out what the […]

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PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition: Where to pre-order PlayStation 5; now available on GAME

PS5 and PS5 all digital can now be reserved in Spain. Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed during the PlayStation Showcase that its next-generation console will hit European stores – Spain included – on November 19 for 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively; on November 12 in the United States and Japan. GAME Spain was the […]

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Fallout 4: a video from Digital Foundry analyzes the next-gen upgrade on PS5, Xbox and PC

Digital Foundry has published a new video comparison, this time starring thenext-gen update free of Fallout 4 released last week on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. As for what’s new on console, the patch notes mention two graphics modes main features on consoles: a dynamic 4K 60fps performance mode with “standard” settings and a […]

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The Intel Raptor Lake will use a digital voltage regulator that will reduce consumption by 20 to 25%

The upcoming 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake processors will feature a digital voltage regulator that will reduce consumption by 21%. With this new regulator these processors can offer 7% more performance. An Intel patent filed this past July reveals the company’s plans to use this technology for some time. DLVR (Digital Linear Voltage Regulator) It […]

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