Google competes with Groupon, adds cancellation actions in Gmail Mobile, YouTube Goes WebM, a new version of Google Analytics and Google Earth Builder

Google has been busy as usual over the last week and has released many new updates. In fact, to prevent expertgeek from becoming a Google spam fest, we had to condense them into a single post. Next, we’ll take a look: two new services Google just launched, followed by changes to Gmail, search, and analytics. […]

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Scientists say they have found the cleanest air on earth

In the first study of this type of bioaerosol composition in the Southern Ocean, scientists at Colorado State University identified an atmospheric region that remains undisturbed by human activity. Weather and climate are closely linked, connecting every part of the world to other regions. As climate changes rapidly, due to human activities, scientists and researchers […]

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Empire Earth – Cheats

Select “Random Map” mode, then enable the “Cheat Codes” option on the setup screen. During the game, press Enter and enter one of the following codes, followed by Enter: my name is methos All resources and map ATM +1000 gold you said wood +1000 wood rock&roll +1000 rock creatine +1000 iron asus drivers Reveal the […]

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The Earth in the Universe

We are inhabitants of the Earth and, perhaps because of this, quite partial observers of the Universe. For centuries, man has thought that the Sun existed to illuminate him, to enable his own existence, and that the Moon and the stars had no other meaning than to determine his destiny. Now we know that reality […]

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Empire Earth 2 – Cheats

During the game, press Enter and enter the following codes into the console: loot Adds 10,000 for each resource give tech Adds 50 technology points epoch up It advances an era without fulfilling any of the demands convert Converts the selected Units idontcheat Disable all cheats icheat Enable all of the following codes play god […]

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Earth 2160 – Cheats

To open the console, press Enter during gameplay at any time, but not during cutscenes. You will see a flashing cursor, enter the code and press Enter again. The code will be accepted when the number 1 appears next to the set code. First of all, however, you need to activate the cheat mode in […]

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When Earth Meets Sara Wright’s Son

while I snuggle in my sedan open to the sky I am a snail I love his shellthe sun heats me from behindautumn lightglitter, leavesa desireto the breeze some withered of a frost.Reddish-brownGoldSalmonweedin all its glorybare hardwoods look down stationed sentinelsAboveBurnished acorn oak let him drool sage leaves dark crimson bleedsgeese fly creepy goodbyeA dragonfly […]

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