Deliver Us Mars: we tried the space action adventure from Frontier and KeokeN Interactive

Even if you start with good intentions and equally talented people, completing a video game exactly as you initially imagined it is usually an almost impossible undertaking even for the most expert software houses, let alone for independent ones. He knows it well KeokeN Interactivewho with Deliver Us The Moon even had to release an […]

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Drones are the new frontier of paparazzi

CNN is experimenting with the use of drains as an important aid to the journalistic profession, especially in the photo and video field. The advantage would be considerable and would allow filming even in high-risk areas. The tests will be carried out in collaboration with the Georgia Tech Research Institutethe research center in Atlanta, where […]

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Red Dead Online: Explore the frontier with bonuses on Free Roam events, telegram jobs and more

Today’s Newswire post containing all the details on Red Dead Online update offers for this week. EXPLORE THE FRONTIER WITH BONUSES ON FREE MODE EVENTS, TELEGRAM JOBS AND MUCH MORE The Free Roam eventswhich range from archery competitions to territory capture, are a great way for new Red Dead Online players to get acquainted with […]

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Conquest: Frontier Wars – Cheats

Press Enter and write the following sentence respecting capitalization and lowercase: “Give the sushi to Sean Dopo” Press Enter and enter one of the following codes, always respecting uppercase and lowercase letters: A winner is you! Win the mission I am evil Homer Lose the mission spacebridge Unlock missions The Master Builders Fast on/off builds […]

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Lightyear Frontier: Farmers on a Mech? We saw it in preview

That survival crafting games have become among the greatest successes in the world of independent development is certainly nothing new, but in parallel with these titles another partially similar genre is experiencing a second youth. Let’s talk about the “agricultural securities“: those video games which, inspired by series like Harvest Moon, usually see anyone who […]

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Lemnis Gate, the review of the brilliant turn-based FPS (yes, you read that right) by Ratloop and Frontier

It may be an idea capable of disconcerting a long-time gamer, but the constant pursuit of publishers to simplify video games is not a push motivated exclusively by base money. Huge portions of the gaming public, after all, approach video games mainly to have fun in peace and therefore dedicate themselves to a greater extent […]

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SaGa Frontier II – Cheats

List of weapons to use during the battle: Axes Axel Turn Ready, Charge, Backslash Fake Out Feint, Backslash, Slash Fire Wheel Flame, Charge, Throw Flash Trinity Ready, Slash, Slash, Backslash Heel Crush Focus, Backslash Hyper Hammer Charge, Backslash Mega Hit Ready, Charge, Slash Ogre Crossing Ready, Backslash, Backslash Skull Crush Focus, Charge, Slash Sky Drive […]

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F1 Manager 2023: disappointing sales, Frontier forced to make new layoffs

The British team Frontier Developments announced the need to resort to an internal reorganization maneuver that will have to go through several layoffsalso due to the disappointing F1 Manager 2023 results on the market. In a communication addressed to investors, the team announced that it intends to “refocus on its specific strengths, following a period […]

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Billy Frontier :UPDATED:

Pangea has announced the development of a new 3D game set in the West. :UPDATED: InsideMacGames offers an interview with Brian Greenstone, head of Pangea, about the launch of Billy Frontier (with support for MacOS 9) and other interesting games from Pangea. This new game is an arcade where the player takes on the personality […]

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Elite developer Frontier now making F1 management games • TutoGame

Here’s a twist: Frontier Developments is now making F1 management games. The Cambridge-based developer of Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo and Jurassic World Evolution has signed an exclusive multi-year gaming license with Formula 1. Four F1 games are planned, with the first launching in time for the F1 2022 season on PC and consoles. […]

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