How to disable GPS on Android

The mobile geolocation feature, despite its usefulness, does not need to be enabled all the time, especially when you do not need to know your position or obtain a specific address. For example, if you want to save battery, disabling GPS on Android will help you have better autonomy, since the tool will not be […]

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RouteBuddy GPS 1.0 has released RouteBuddy 1.0, its GPS-enabled mapping application for Mac OS X. Users can connect their Garmin USB, USGlobalSat, or NMEA device to a Mac to sync waypoints, routes, and tracks. Key features of RouteBuddy include the ability to download as well as upload waypoint, route, and trail data; map data search capability with […]

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Chinese GPS rival Beidou now fully operational after latest satellite launch

So far there are only four main GNSS networks: GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (European Union) and now Beidou. India and Japan support smaller systems. Most people are familiar with GPS, which is used for everything from personal navigation on smartphones to tracking airplanes and container ships around the world. Beidou is China’s alternative system. […]

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GPS to monitor workers

Ciro Viento’s operations manager for garbage collection controls the routes of the trucks and whether they fulfill their “functions” with a GPS system installed in the vehicles. After several complaints from citizens that certain trucks had not picked up garbage, the company Ciro Viento considered the option of installing GPS systems on garbage trucks and […]

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The 3 best GPS trackers for cars

A GPS tracker for your car can be extremely useful. After all, when was the last time you parked in a large parking lot and completely forgot where you parked? These trackers can also be useful in locating your vehicle in case of theft. GPS trackers can also provide information such as dangerous driving alerts, […]

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The Samsung Exynos Connect U100 is a SoC for vehicles and IoT capable of locating with centimeter precision without GPS

Samsung has announced its new Samsung Exynos Connect U100 which launches the Exynos Connect brand of SoCs to provide all types of devices with short-range connectivity, with technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi or UWB. In the specific case of Exynos Connect U100, we have a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) chip designed for vehicles and IoT. It promises […]

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