Hollow Knight: Silksong, there is concern in the community about Unity’s install tax

Hollow Knight: Silksong It doesn’t have a release date yet, but the community isn’t worried about launch delays, but rather about the impact on the game installation tax announced by Unity, which will cost 0.20 cents per installation of games created with the famous engine, when the thresholds of 200,000 installations and 200,000 dollars in […]

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Nonstop Knight 2, the review

The idea behind Nonstop Knight 2protagonist of this review, is one of those that fall within the new wave of video game genres born especially on mobile platforms, where a different way of enjoying video games has corresponded to the birth of new genres capable of better responding to the needs of portable gaming. This […]

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Apple Knight, the review

There Apple Knight review takes us back to the origins of the action platform genre, both because of the excellent retro-style graphics created for the occasion by the guys at Limitlessboth for a gameplay solid and engaging two-dimensional, which does not miss anything despite being free. The game is indeed available free on App Store […]

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Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy

The saga of games dedicated to the Star Wars universe continues. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a sequel where the player arrives at Luke Skywalker’s academy to become a Jedi. Saber combat became so popular in the previous installment of the game that this type of combat has been enhanced, as well as the use […]

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The Deluxe physical edition of The Knight Witch is available today

Journey through Dungeonidas to save your home from invading War Golems with The Knight Witch: Deluxe Edition, an all-new physical edition of the Metroidvania bullet hell, available today on PlayStation®5 (PS5), PlayStation®4, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™. The Knight Witch: Deluxe Edition contains a physical copy of Super Awesome’s fast-paced shooter Hyper […]

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Mina the Hollower, we tried the new game from the creators of Shovel Knight

In February last year, after spending almost ten years building on the success of Shovel Knight by burying it in extra content, expansions, DLC, additional modes, the studio Yacht Club Games has finally announced a completely new game, once again choosing the Kickstarter route. The fundraising campaign definitely did its job, going almost a million […]

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PlayStation Now: Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Rising and 8 more titles

Like every month, PlayStation Nowthe game streaming service Sony Interactive Entertainmentis enriched with new titles for current and future subscribers. Among the most important innovations is the open world Batman Arkham Knight and the classic and appreciated action game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance . For the little ones there is also the LEGO Ninjago Movie […]

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Batman: Arkham Knight on Nintendo Switch is “unacceptable” for Digital Foundry

Batman: Arkham Knight on Nintendo Switch has been defined unacceptable by Oliver Mackenzie of Digital Foundry. It is, as we know, one of the three chapters included in the Batman: Arkham Trilogy collection. “Batman: Arkham Knight on Nintendo Switch is unacceptable,” Mackenzie wrote. “Terrible performance, poor visual quality, and game-breaking glitches. I will publish a […]

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