Left to Survive, the review

Left to Survive it is certainly one of the titles of the moment on App Store And Google Play. It is a shooter-based game zombie set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, in which society has been wiped out following the spread of a mysterious virus and a ruthless multinational has established a sort of totalitarian government […]

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Left Alive, the review

Here we are with the Left Alive review, a game which, as we will explain below, only confirms a productive confusion of which we had already had a clue. If last summer The Quiet Man had given us the opportunity to understand the inability to best choose the projects entrusted to third-party developers, what happened […]

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The Florida Police Association offers employment to police officers who have been fired or have left police abuse.

A Florida police organization has said it will reemploy these officers accused of misconduct, and this offer is outraged. On Saturday, the Brevard County Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police posted a Facebook message to Buffalo 57 and Atlanta 6, saying it is hiring. “Atlanta 6” refers to six Atlanta police officers who were […]

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Bambi live-action is left without a director and could be canceled

Disney’s live-action adaptation of Bambi has suffered a major setback with the departure of its director, Sarah Polley. This unexpected change comes at a time of restructuring within Disney, following the recent resignation of Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios president Sean Bailey. Bailey had been a strong supporter of the Bambi adaptation, and his departure […]

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Trump announces ‘domination’ in D.C. after tear from federal law enforcement left peaceful protesters breathless

Australian journalists from CNN Channel 7 were attacked by riot police in Washington on Monday, prompting Prime Minister Scott Morrison to call for an investigation into the “alarming incident.” During live morning news on Sunrise on Tuesday in Australia, riot police used their shields to take out 7NEWS US correspondent Amelia Brace and cameraman Tim […]

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I was left homeless by Hans Molenkamp

New details have emerged in the Hans Molenkamp controversy as a former employee shared nauseating details about the Monster Energy executive’s questionable treatment of his employees and fighters. Courtney Hendo, photographer and former Monster employee, uploaded a video displayed on her YouTube channel to discuss the fallout and subsequent hardship caused by Hans Molenkamp following […]

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