Free music for GarageBand for .Mac users

Apple has made 100 world music loops available for GarageBand and are available for free download for all .Mac account users. The loops are a small selection from the latest GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music. This collection is made up of loops of ethnic percussion instruments, exotic strings, regional wooden instruments, etc. The complete GarageBand […]

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Kensington locks your Mac

Kensington has launched its first lock for laptops and desktop computers. The company has launched the Microsaver, a padlock which aims to better secure computer equipment. There are several models and the first to be revealed was the Microsaver DS Notebook Lock. The different models are designed with various levels of security for your equipment. […]

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Lightroom for Mac Public Beta 3.0 is now available

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced a public beta update for Adobe Lightroom, an all-new digital image processing solution for professional photographers that allows you to import, select, develop and display large volumes of images. The latest version includes features suggested by beta users, allowing greater control over export size and resolution, refined metadata selection […]

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GameRanger withdraws support for Mac OS 9

Mac online gaming system GameRanger recently announced plans to end support for Mac OS 9. GameRanger allows players of freeware, shareware, and commercial Mac games to find each other online. The basic system service is free, but GameRanger also offers a premium service that adds additional features such as voice support for an annual fee. […]

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Painter’s Picker, color for Mac artists

“Quickly find the colors that go best with your design. Create and share harmonious color combinations in almost any Macintosh application. Have a handy color wheel whenever you need it.” This is how Painter’s Picker is presented on the OldJewel Software website, where it is available for download. Painter’s Picker puts an interactive color wheel […]

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LocationFree available for Mac

IO DATA yesterday announced the availability of LocationFree for Mac OS computers. When installed on a Macintosh desktop or laptop, the TLF-MAC/E software package allows the computer to receive and control video from a Sony LocationFree base station. Users enjoy multi-directional wireless transmissions with a range of up to 30 meters in a typical home […]

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Five free backup apps for Mac

Data loss is a constant threat to our technology-laden lives. Hard drives are unreliable, mobile devices get lost, kids destroy laptops – it’s a tough world on your data. You need to protect your files with a reliable backup system that replicates your data both locally and remotely. You can start creating your own backup […]

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Mac OS X 10.4.7 coming earlier this week

On Friday, Apple sent developers new builds of Mac OS X 10.4.7. Both the Intel build (build 8J2122) and the PowerPC build (build 8J122) are reported to have no known issues, suggesting an imminent release. The notes accompanying the updates do not specify what changes are contained in the update but, as was the case […]

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Japanese “animated” novels come to the Mac

Hirameki International tests largely uncharted territory with Animamundi, a Japanese “visual novel” that is now available in the United States and is, for the first time, available for the Macintosh. This is part of Hirameki’s “AnimePlay PC” line, and is the company’s first Mac-compatible title. Animamundi costs $39.99. A gothic horror story aimed primarily at […]

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Microsoft releases an exclusive keyboard and mouse combo for Mac

Yesterday Microsoft announced the availability of the Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac, its first combo designed specifically for Mac, with an ergonomic (curved) wireless keyboard and a high-definition wireless mouse. The keyboard offers “Hot Keys” that lead to Mac programs such as iTunes and iPhoto. Additionally, it offers Zoom Slider, a sliding zoom that allows […]

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