One day, you may be able to play all the PlayStation games that matter with PlayStation Now

Enthusiasm around PlayStation Now has plummeted since Sony’s beta pricing scheme was revealed, but while some adjustments need to be made, it’s clear that the online streaming service represents a big part of the platform holder’s future. In fact, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, but we may see a day when the Japanese giant’s […]

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Turtle Beach introduces a range of new gaming headsets, keyboards and mice launching in May 2024

White Plains, NY – April 18, 2024 – Leading gaming accessory manufacturer Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR) today introduced a variety of high-quality, high-performance gaming headsets, keyboards and mice, all available for pre-order today and release. May 19, 2024. “We are thrilled to introduce our new line of innovative console and PC gaming accessories launching […]

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Careful! Your Google Chrome may be being updated with malware

Cybercriminals do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of any situation. In this case, they have used compromised websites to spread malware through fake Google Chrome updates. These fake updates present themselves as a necessary download to fix security errors in Chrome, but they actually contain malware that can damage your computer and compromise […]

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Micro-reflections of May (I)

Are we going to say goodbye to Freehand? Apparently not. The situation for Adobe with Freehand is like walking through a minefield. There are several reasons why Freehand is a very difficult hot potato to deal with, and why Freehand is not going away. First, we have to count on Freehand having a large installed […]

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