Research that considered the brain as a network similar to the Internet

The main finding of the research, whose responsible author is an Argentine scientist, is that the characteristics of the brain networks have qualitative and quantitative similarities with others as complex and disparate as the Internet, social networks of friends or metabolic networks in cells. An investigation (only visible in Web Archive, whose responsible author is […]

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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection arrives on April 14th. Pre-Orders are now open

Prepare your NetNavi and join Mega Man in saving the Net Society once again! Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will arrive on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on April 14, 2023! Experience all 10 Mega Man Battle Network titles, complete with previously exclusive Battle Chips and the long-awaited NetBattles, and have […]

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What is the Tor Network?

The Tor Networkmore commonly known as the Darknet, is a computer network that provides greater privacy and anonymous browsing. Tor is the acronym for The Onion Routerwhich is designed to maintain user anonymity by encrypting data as it passes through several layers of the Tor Onion Routing protocol. What is The Onion Router? The Onion […]

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A detainee in the “Network Downloads” operation believes that it was done “to scare people”

The Police released a press release on Saturday in which they announced fifteen arrests in an operation against “illegal downloads.” has indicated that, based on the testimony of one of the people whose statement was taken, that no person was detained that day. For some reason, it took the Police more than ten days […]

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