The review of Super Inefficient Golf

How many times while playing golf have you wanted to undermine the ball and make it fly to the hole in one shot? Never? Bad, because doing it is more fun than it might seem. The basic objective of Super Inefficient Golf by the Italian studio 34BigThings, evidently a post-Redout divertissement, is the classic one: […]

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Some details of the upcoming AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX with Radeon 680M graphics and support for DDR5 memory are leaked

Just over a week before CES 2022, data has been leaked on AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 6000 series laptop CPUs. These will include new graphics based on RDNA 2, which they have named Radeon 600M Series. From which the most information has been obtained has been the most powerful of the next series, the 6900HX. This […]

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MLB The Show 18: the review

The most common criticism leveled against baseball by those who view it from a distance is that it is a boring sport. We must admit that in fact disciplines such as football in FIFA 18 or basketball in NBA 2K18 can enjoy a faster pace which is certainly good also in the videogame field, but […]

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Mobile phone companies join together to form a common reference platform based on Linux

Several companies related to the world of mobile communications want to join forces to try to homogenize the world of mobile phone software. A group of mobile phone companies, including Vodafone, DoCoMo, Motorola, Samsung Nec, and Panasonic, have announced plans to collaboratively develop a Linux-based phone operating system. This is nothing more than another attempt […]

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Android: iPhone X Animojis

Animojis were one of the most talked about iPhone features when Animojis launched, but for now they’ve been limited to just the iPhone X. This is understandable, given that the software used to create these animations uses high-tech Face ID hardware which is not yet available on other devices. This means that you won’t be […]

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Macromedia boss leaves Adobe

Adobe has confirmed that Macromedia CEO Stephen Elop is leaving the company at the end of the accounting year. Since Adobe’s purchase of Macromedia, Stephen Elop was named president of Adobe’s international field operations. Stephen Elop oversees the company’s global sales organization and is responsible for all customer-facing functions, including sales, field marketing, marketing partners, […]

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Set up Jira callback in Slack groups

Although the Jira app is new, it quickly became one of the best apps for setting reminders and notifications in Slack groups. The Jira app not only notifies you when specific topics are discussed in conversations, but it also allows you to post summaries of discussions involving a particular topic. Jira Reminders app added Before […]

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Free music for GarageBand for .Mac users

Apple has made 100 world music loops available for GarageBand and are available for free download for all .Mac account users. The loops are a small selection from the latest GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music. This collection is made up of loops of ethnic percussion instruments, exotic strings, regional wooden instruments, etc. The complete GarageBand […]

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Detective Pikachu review

Developed by Creatures, rather than the usual guys at GameFreak, Detective Pikachu is probably the bravest Pokémon-themed spin-off we’ve ever played. And over the years we’ve seen a lot of them: we’ve gone from pinball to match-3, from fighting games to crossovers with Nobunaga’s Ambition. One thing has always remained stoically immutable: Pikachu. The adorable […]

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How to take a screenshot on macOS

Screenshots are one of the most useful ways to share information from your computer. They are great for capturing problems with your computer, recording information (such as conversations), and creating tutorials. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the different ways to take screenshots, starting with the easiest. Method 1: Take a Screenshot The easiest […]

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