Project Hospital, the review

Project Hospital is this the new Theme Hospital? Lately, the management software genre has been misrepresented by the general public, who automatically connect it to the casual rubbish for mobile systems and browsers that is popular, ending up not giving it any chance and even snubbing it. In short, many consider it a genre that […]

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Endangered Languages ​​Project

Behind this project, which tries to protect and save 3,410 languages ​​in danger of extinction, is Google, among other organizations. According to experts, in the year 2100 only fifty percent of the languages ​​spoken today will be spoken. This will bring with it an immense loss of cultural and scientific information, similar to what the […]

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Project 92: The Twitter rival signed by Meta is revealed in images

A few weeks ago, news emerged about the creation of an application that combined elements of Instagram and Twitter. Now, new images of this application, known internally as Project 92, revealing its appearance and notable features. According to sources, the application could be called «Threads» upon release later this year. Project 92 (Threads): The integration […]

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Project: The Perceiver is an open world Chinese action game that looks at the theatricality of life

In recent years there has been an undoubted proliferation of action games coming from China. The formula with which they are presented is always more or less the same: a trailer is published that mixes (apparent) game sequences and animated sequences, then silence falls on the project, about which little or nothing is actually said. […]

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The 10 best movies like Project

Project The film’s premise of a party spinning beyond measure contains many tropes found in other films as well. For that reason, it’s interesting how these other stories have their own version of a similar pattern that Project X fans will have a lot of fun watching. With that in mind, here are 10 movies […]

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5 of the best Microsoft Project alternatives for Linux

There are hundreds of Microsoft Project alternatives, and we’ve covered them before. There are cross-platform and web alternatives, but in this article I will focus on Microsoft Project alternatives for Linux in particular. The distinction is a bit misleading because, technically, web-based alternatives can also be used from Linux. Some of the apps I’ve included […]

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The British MCPS-PRS Alliance and the Spanish SGAE sign a project to create online music licenses

The copyright management entities MCPS-PRS Alliance (British) and SGAE have today signed the eLOS (electronic Licensing of Online Services) project to establish a music licensing model for marketing in Europe through the Internet. This is the first step in a series of joint projects between both companies in line with the recent recommendation of the […]

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Seti@home ceases as a unitary project

The popular SETI@Home application to search for extraterrestrial life will no longer be distributed as standalone. SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses computers connected to the Internet for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). The user can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes information from radio telescopes. The SETI team […]

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Project Zero Deaths, the review

Competitive shooters within arenas have codified into a multitude of different typologies at this point, so it is difficult to recognize how original there could be in the hybrid structure of Project Zero Deathsprotagonist of this review. However, it must be said that the mix of elements put together by Detis for this particular title […]

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10 good practices for project management

In the development of any project, it is advisable to carry out, in addition to prior programming and setting objectives, compliance with certain standards. These, if perfectly structured, will always lead to success. This set of rules also includes what are considered small details. Below we show an infographic that details 10 good practices aimed […]

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