iTunes Store icon is gone

So, you can’t purchase music from your Apple iPhone or iPad because the iTunes Store icon is missing? Here are some things you can check to find out what happened to the iTunes Store icon. 1. Check folders and other screens Swipe left or right to switch between home screens and see if you’ve accidentally […]

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Windows 11 will include Epic Games content in the Microsoft Store as well as Android games and apps from the Amazon Appstore

Windows 11 will be launched on October 5 and will include improvements based on Interface Design and Task Optimization. Windows 11 will also include great news in your app storesince he promised bring Android games and apps to your operating system. On his blog he announced that the first stores included in the Microsoft Store […]

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The prices of several ASUS boards with Z690 chipset appear in a store in Canada, some models have DDR4

With the increasingly closer launch of the upcoming Intel Alder Lake More leaks are appearing related to these new Intel CPUs with hybrid cores. From PC Canada Several models of ASUS motherboards have been leaked with Z690 chipset and LGA1700 socket that will be necessary for this new generation Alder Lake. Although these references no […]

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PlayStation: Summer discounts arrive on PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment is pleased to announce – with the advent of the summer season – the arrival of unmissable offers on some of the main exclusive titles and numerous third-party games that make up the PlayStation® ecosystem. The promotions will allow players to purchase PlayStation®4 (PS4™) and PlayStation®5 (PS5™) games at significantly reduced prices. […]

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PlayStation Store Summer continues with a second wave of exclusive discounts and promotions

Sony Interactive Entertainmentto the delight of gamers on holiday, announces that starting today, August 3rd, the second wave of Summer Discounts on PlayStation Store begins, which brings with it new promotions on many titles for PlayStation4 (PS4) and PlayStation5 (PS5). Below are some examples of games on offer, until August 17th. ● Horizon Forbidden West […]

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Microsoft bets on a new mobile application store to confront Apple and Google

For years, Microsoft struggled to turn Windows Phone/Windows Mobile into a successful operating system that could rival the popular Apple iOS and Google Android. Despite all efforts, the company did not achieve its goals and finally, in 2019, Windows Phone officially closed. Despite this setback, Microsoft does not seem to have given up on the […]

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Meerkat arrives on the Play Store

It finally arrived. After much waiting, Meerkatthe smartphone app Android which has the task of competing with Periscopecurrently only available for iOS devices, has arrived on the Play Store. However, it is a Beta version with several problems. We tried it with different models, but there still seem to be a lot of bugs: forced […]

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