TikTok and Reels “are today’s radio” to promote new music

Social networks, mainly TikTok and Instagram, have become the main tool for promoting new music worldwide, a phenomenon that, Fernanda Arcay, marketing manager of the music incubator Neon16, told Efe, had been brewing, but that “was fully consolidated during the pandemic.” «Concert tours and live performances were the backbone of our strategies to maintain an […]

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How to use TikTok

One of the applications that has been trending in recent months is TikTok. Although it has been running since 2018, it is only now in 2020 that it becomes a global trend. For this reason, many of your friends and acquaintances are using it. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s a good time for […]

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TikTok Tracked Android User Data for Months: Report

TikTok collected the unique identifiers of millions of mobile devices by bypassing a privacy protection on Android devices, so the ByteDance-owned app monitored users’ online activity, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. Security experts indicated that this practice violates Google’s privacy policies, which stipulate that applications cannot track users. Additionally, TikTok also did not […]

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Tencent Games will not be affected by Trump’s crackdown on WeChat and TikTok

The restrictions against TikTok and WeChat will not directly affect Tencent Games as a video game developer, even though the Chinese giant owns one of these applications. Donald Trump, president of the United States, announced that he had presented two executive orders to prevent any transactions made through these applications. However, at least for now, […]

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Viral TikTok: bought an iPhone 11 online and had an unpleasant surprise when reviewing the phone | Video | Photos | Wish | fail | bloopers | mexico | United States | social networks | Social networks

A young man broadcast a video on TikTok with the terrible experience he experienced after receiving an expensive phone he had bought online. The boy had been collecting money to buy an iPhone 11; However, upon receiving it, he had an unpleasant surprise. The author of this viral TikTok video said that, due to the […]

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TikTok abandons its Live Shopping expansion plans in Europe and the United States

There are many social networks that have implemented online shopping functionalities in their applications, as was the case of Facebook with its Marketplace or Instagram with its stores in profilesalthough as expected, each social network has a different level of success with its online store ambitions. TikTok is another of the social networks that had […]

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What is TikTok now?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media services right now, although it appears to have borrowed a feature from another app. TikTok has more than one billion users as of last year and appears to have largely replaced apps like Instagram and Facebook, with young people particularly active. With an app this popular, […]

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